Tailor Your Approach by Personality Type to Triple Sales Potential

Earlier this year, ASEA Platinum Executive Danielle Matthews provided fundamental training on personality types to help ASEA associates recognize some high-level traits about the people they’re talking with. With its simplicity and memorable visuals, it’s great training for those starting out in relationship-based sales and a great reminder for everyone else!

It’s worth watching or listening to the full 20-minute training above if you have the time, but if you need a quick visual overview, we’ve provided that below!

Why Should I Learn Personality Types?

“Each of us make purchases for our own reasons,” says Danielle. “If we explain the logic or emotion behind our choices, our closest friends will often relate, but someone with a differing personality might be completely baffled.”
Approaching only those people who share your characteristics will put a very low ceiling on your success. By learning how to speak the language of these four basic personality types, you can triple your sales potential!

Type 1: The Director
Animal: Lion • Color: Red
10% of population
Key Characteristics
Decisive • Direct • Independent • Dominant

How to Identify

Action-oriented, numbers-focused
Directors introduce themselves, lead the conversation, dress conservatively, follow checklists, value titles and credentials, and their homes feature matching furniture sets with meticulous yards.

What to Talk About: Results
With a buying decision made in 10–20 minutes, Directors want to hear the bullet-point presentation delivered confidently with clear options. Let them know they can start a business with low startup costs and be their own boss with a company entering its momentum phase with breakthrough products.

Sales Tools to Use
ASEA 2019 Income Disclosure Statement
ASEA Compensation Plan Overview

Type 2: The Promoter
Animal: Dolphin • Color: Blue
30% of population

Key Characteristics
Spontaneous • Friendly • Emotional • Enthusiastic
How to Identify
Action-oriented, people-focused
Promoters introduce themselves with a high five instead of a handshake, willingly share jokes, dress in bold statement pieces, run behind schedule, say whatever comes to mind, and their driveways and garages feature toys like motorcycles and snowmobiles.

What to Talk About: Fun
With a buying decision made in 24 hours, Promoters want to hear how ASEA makes you feel. Share your excitement and personal experiences to help them see how they can enjoy time freedom and new global connections with a cutting-edge company.

Sales Tools to Use
ASEA Ascent Incentive Trip Flyer
Diamond Life Brochure

Type 3: The Analyzer
Animal: Urchin • Color: Green
25% of population

Key Characteristics
Logical • Witty • Analytical • Cautious
How to Identify
Thought-oriented, numbers-focused
Analyzers wait for you to introduce yourself, wearing a neutral expression the same clothes they’ve had for years. Their homes tend to hold more objects and symbols than photos of people and events, and their decor won’t follow the latest trends.

What to Talk About: Details
With a buying decision made after a week of deliberation, Analyzers want the trusted third-party perspective from industry sources, like trade magazines and research articles. If you can’t answer their question definitively, don’t guess; tell them you’ll find it for them. Point to the company’s strong year-over-year sales growth, strong leadership, and product safety studies.

Sales Tool to Use
The ASEA Compensation Plan

Type 4: The Caregiver
Animal: Whale • Color: Yellow
35% of population

Key Characteristics
Diplomatic • Nurturing • Authentic • Supportive
How to Identify
Thought-oriented, people-focused
Caregivers have an inviting smile that will make it easy for you to introduce yourself. They are quick to volunteer, inclusive, pet friendly, and they dress comfortably. Their homes feature plants, animals, and fridge magnets for a warm “lived in” feel.

What to Talk About: Team
With a buying decision made in 3–5 days—or instantly if you have the right emotional connection—caregivers want to see authenticity and kindness in you, so support them through their questions patiently, using examples of impact the company and products have had in people’s lives.

Sales Tools to Use
ASEA Stories videos
The ASEA Advancing Life Foundation

If you’re a director, this information will help you take charge of your business. If you’re a promoter, it will help you have fun experimenting with new ways to experience relationships. If you’re an analyzer, you now have better tactics for approaching interactions. Caregivers, use this knowledge to support your people in a way that meets their needs!

Looking to apply this knowledge quickly to improve your ASEA Business? Take Danielle’s challenge and profile ten people each day for the next month and see how it affects your ability to connect!

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