Start your week with ASEA: What you need to know about skin care after sun exposure

Sunshine is part of what makes the summer months so enjoyable and skin care after sun exposure is something to keep top of mind. From its first rays in the morning through its final rays in the evening, natural sunlight helps regulate everything from your sleep cycle to your vitamin D production. However, extended sun exposure can lead to overheating, sunburn, and ultimately sore skin. A soothing after-sun gel can help you beat the sore skin woes by enhancing skin recovery after too much time in the sun.

Hydration and skin care after sun exposure

So what actually happens after you’ve been out in the sun too long? The barrier function of the top layer of the epidermis is compromised and begins to leak moisture. The more sun exposure your skin experiences the more hydration it loses. As the epidermis is damaged by UV exposure, it thickens and becomes dehydrated which leads to rough, flaky, or peeling skin. The addition of chlorine or salt water can cause the skin to be more dry, tight, and uncomfortable after a day in the sun.

Soothing and cooling after sun exposure

The first thing most people want when dealing with sun overexposure is something to relieve the discomfort. Using a hydrating gel like RENU28® Revitalizing Redox Gel helps deliver full-body cooling and soothing by supporting surface skin cell renewal and calming the skin. 

It’s best to avoid products that are too gritty, abrasive, strong, or drying which can irritate the skin even further. That’s why RENU28® has been tested by dermatologists and is suitable for all skin types. Plus, it’s cruelty-free — which means both you and the animals are better off. 

Redox signaling molecules renew skin surface cells

Our skin renews itself naturally over time in a process of rejuvenation that our cells are already programmed to do. Over time, that process can slow down and may need a little boost. That’s where the key ingredient in RENU28® Gel comes in. By using redox signaling molecules which are natural to your body, this gel helps promote fresh and youthful-looking skin surface cells.

Our proprietary redox signaling technology works with your body’s natural cell renewal process of cell renewal in the body. Redox signaling is a process where the cell’s reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels are modulated to produce an effect on gene expression, protein function, and cell behavior. Redox signaling is involved in many cellular functions including cell proliferation, differentiation, migration, and survival. Redox signaling molecules in RENU28® can aid in skin surface cell renewal by promoting keratinocyte differentiation and proliferation through activation of epidermal growth factor — giving you the soothing, cooling, hydrating benefits combined with healthy skin cell renewal.

It is impossible to avoid over-exposure to the sun 100% of the time. Fortunately, there is a way to soothe the feeling of skin discomfort after sun exposure. RENU28® Revitalizing Redox Gel does just that, thanks to its dermatologist-tested formula that promotes skin surface cell renewal for healthier overall skin.