ASEA Advancing Life Foundation Receives 2022 CHOICE Humanitarian Corporate Impact Award

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, June 14, 2022/ PRNewswire/ – ASEA®, a global leader in redox technology, was recently presented with the 2022 CHOICE Humanitarian Corporate Impact Award, supporting CHOICE Humanitarian’s mission to reduce global poverty and build self-reliant, resilient communities around the world.

Six years ago, the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation embarked on their legacy work with CHOICE Humanitarian. Over the years, together they have taken the Inta Kara Vocational Center from the initial concept, through construction, to the successful opening of the school.

In its first two years of operation, Inta Kara Vocational Center has produced 156 graduates through five accredited vocational courses, including culinary courses that began the end of 2020 when the construction of kitchen facilities was completed. Many of the first students have already put their certifications to work to start local businesses.

ASEA’s latest commitment of mission-driven support with CHOICE Humanitarian is in Navajo Nation, helping to reverse decades of food insecurity with hoophouses—a type of greenhouse—that will help to break the cycles of poverty.

“Working with CHOICE Humanitarian has had a profound impression on each of us who have been involved in the work to break cycles of poverty, abuse, and suffering through this partnership,” said KimMarie Larsen, vice president of ASEA global events & recognition and Advancing Life Foundation chair. “Our perspective on life is transcended and we look forward to continuing to power the potential of undeveloped communities throughout the world.”

“It is by engaging their organization in global-minded good that is tangible, meaningful, and impactful that our mission is accomplished,” said Jen Dyer, director of community and corporate impact with CHOICE Humanitarian. “There are numerous ways a company can invest in opportunities that uplift and inspire, and the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation continues to make a positive impact around the world and has donated millions of dollars and labor hours year after year.”

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