Architecting the ASEA Vision into a Legacy

With construction on the new ASEA Global Headquarters completed just in time for Convention 2017 in Salt Lake City, thousands of associates and many of our elite ASEA athletes were able to tour its premises.

The presence of so many well-loved leaders in such a special place quickly caused powerful reflection on the positive forces that have helped ASEA arrive at this point over the years. As we look ahead, we can clearly see a broad and bright future through freshly set, floor-to-ceiling office windows.

In this Convention 2017 video, ASEA leadership and team members share what it means to work, support, and innovate for a company with big visions from an impressive new home all its own:

Every material used in the construction of this building—each rivet, nail, hinge, tile, and surface—has its history linked to a phone call, drink, training, facial routine, and enrollment of an ASEA associate. This physical space is a tribute to our leaders and the ASEA legacy they help us shape daily.

In the words of ASEA CEO Charles Funke: “It’s our home. It’s where we plant our flag. It’s where we can fulfill the vision of this company, which is to take our products, our opportunities, our culture to the world.”