ASEA Accelerated: The Year-And More!-In Review

Special Message from ASEA President Jarom Webb:

As a leadership team, my fellow executives and I walked into ASEA 2017 Global Convention this past September knowing unquestionably that it marked the end of an era. We were ready to savor and celebrate the conclusion of several significant strategic initiatives with our dedicated associates.

When we gathered, we could see just how far ASEA had come—not just in the past year but in the past several years. Processes initiated as far back as 2013 were finally complete:

Under Our Belt

We had an entirely new technological infrastructure in place and a global headquarters of our own design and construction. We had a loyalty rewards program wrapping up its first year and a manufacturing facility with newly upgraded equipment and expanded output capacity. RENU Advanced Skincare stability testing had just shown months of extended efficacy and our R&D division found a way to introduce flavors to our active solution.

We were even positioned to open the Asia markets of Hong Kong and Singapore, with more on the way. Yes, we had a lot to look back on. We had clearly climbed some major mountains together. We had finished our infrastructural renovation phase.

No Time Flat

Of course, that phase was undertaken years ago with an eye to the phase that would replace it: a phase of accelerated growth and opportunity. We had worked for this our whole ASEA lives. Our foundation was acres wider, miles deeper, and rigorously tested. We could see the next phase coming—yet we didn’t know how long it would take to make the transition.

Only a few months removed from ASEA 2017 Global Convention, we can see clearly that the next phase began the very same moment the last phase concluded. There was no lag, no indecision, and no time to lose. Our associates recognized the shift immediately.

Rewriting the Record Books

Since that global gathering of ASEA associates and leadership, we have set new company records. In December we experienced the highest global sales week in our history! Sales volume for every region is up, with our total global sales volume up 25%! These last weeks, newly opened Hong Kong and Singapore have created new sales momentum that, annualized, equals USD5 million!

What does all that look like in terms of key processes?

  • Autoship orders are up 10% in that time.
  • Enrollments are up 31% in that time.
  • Nearly 2,500 new rank advancements in that time.
  • Nearly 300 of those new ranks were at executive+ levels.
  • Retention is up 10% since the launch of our loyalty rewards program (LRP)

And right with that huge surge, the Advancing Life Foundation continues to build a new vocational school in Ecuador and sponsor rescue missions with Operation Underground Railroad to rescue children from sex slavery.

Based on these historic trends, and the foundational groundwork laid over years of resolve, this sea change is positioned to be a sustained push into a future of new heights. And, much like ASEA 2017 Global Convention, we’re ready for it.

A Vision in Reach

We will start 2018 markedly closer to the company vision than we’ve ever been. We stand by it, and we keep it in our minds at all times. We are grateful to see your great efforts showing you feel the same way. As we closed 2017, as you look at your personal and professional goals, I hope you are making the same progress in life as you are with ASEA!

The ASEA Vision

Become the recognized global leader in redox-based technologies and achieve worldwide distribution of our life-changing products, financial opportunity, and culture.