Next Level Marketing: Reliable, recognizable conviction with Zoltán Várnai

Illustrating Next Level Marketing’s primary principle—being convicted rather than convincing—Ambassador Double Diamond Executive and ASEA 2022 Business Builder of the Year Zoltán Várnai introduced a number to ASEA™ 2022 Global Convention viewers: 1,152. This number, he said, was the average number of people involved, buying and selling products, in a single Diamond-level ASEA business.

“Someone young in network marketing typically envisions building a big business and earning a great income,” says Zoltán. “Naturally, they think, ‘To do this, I will need a lot of customers and team members.’ So, they approach their business with this large statistic urging them to convince as many people as they can.”

“Now,” Zoltán continues, “a more experienced leader might start with a much smaller number in mind, thinking, ‘You know, I can get the same result by finding just six very strong, stable business leaders who will work on their own organizations.’”

Zoltán likes an even lower number: “A statistical starting point of six people is still too many. As I have dug deep into the ASEA opportunity, embraced the ethos, and seen the potential it holds for me, I have realized you need only one—and it’s the one you see in the mirror.”

“If you have the recognizable conviction and an understanding of what the ASEA opportunity is really about, it will be visible. People will feel your passion when you speak. If you speak to the right people in the right moments, they will join you. (And it’s completely okay to watch the other people walk away.)”

So how do you get that conviction? Zoltán calls it “doing your homework.”

“When I began considering an ASEA business, my wife and I went to meet ASEA executives at an event in Barcelona. I also talked with several ASEA employees there. I interviewed customers about their product experiences. I did my own product tests. I calculated payouts on the ASEA Compensation Plan and compared them with other companies.”

“Once I arrived at my own conclusion that this opportunity is truly unique, I went home and I started building my business. I had so much confidence in what I could offer with ASEA.”