How to Be Successful at Networking

Many people dream of a successful career that gives them all the advantages of self-employment. Especially in the past few years, the desire for independence, working from home and free time management has become greater. That’s why a growing number of people are choosing network marketing.
But network marketing needs to be understood and learned.
Here are some important points for successful network marketing.

Set realistic goals and focus on them.

Nobody starts out as a pro and all beginnings are difficult. But make sure to set realistic goals right from the beginning. Don’t set your goals too high – you might lose your motivation because you are putting too much pressure on yourself. You might want to start with adding one to two new team members per week and then increase this number later.

Work steadily.

Discipline is an important factor in network marketing. For example: Plan one to two hours every day for building your business. But you really have to stick to this plan if you want to be successful.

Go out and network.

The only way to build a successful MLM business is to go out and meet people. And it’s so easy to establish new business contacts.
Anyone who has already attended one of our European events will surely remember our top European leader and Ambassador Diamond Executive Reidun Bøhn from Norway. Her secret to success? She’s open to getting in touch with people everywhere to talk about the huge potential of the MLM industry and ASEA products. Even a taxi ride to an event in Mainz, Germany ended with the taxi driver standing at the entrance to the event and wanting to know more about the ASEA business. You see, it can be that easy to recruit new team members.
All ASEA associates have one big advantage – ASEA offers great business opportunities and attractive products, too.

Your attitude matters.

Like everywhere else, there will be days in network marketing when you will get a “no”. Don’t let that bother you and master the situation with a positive attitude. You will meet so many more people who will answer you with a friendly “yes” and who will be happy to work with you.

Show and live the benefits of the ASEA business.

What are the advantages of network marketing for you? Why did you choose it? Most of you will obviously list the following points:

  • I want to be my own boss.
  • Free-time management.
  • I can work from anywhere.
  • Contact with many new people.
  • The chance to rise to the top fast.
  • The business can be established internationally.
  • Europe has great potential for MLM.
  • Incredible ASEA events.
  • Exciting incentives.

Everyone can become successful in MLM – young or old, there are no limits.

Earning money vs. spending money.

Signing up new team members is essential in network marketing.
Imagine someone asking you whether you’d rather earn money or spend money. Most of you would certainly choose to earn money. And that’s exactly what every potential new team member would say too if you asked them.
If you first explain the great income opportunities with ASEA and how successful they can become in the business rather than talking about buying the products, people are more likely to listen to you. You should, of course, introduce our products as well, but this is first and foremost in giving others the opportunity to become as successful as you are or want to be.

Spot and nurture potential leaders.

If you see leadership potential in a new partner on your team, then invest in that person. You’ll see it’s worth it. The more successful leaders you train, the more successful and stronger you become in turn. Whatever you give will definitely come back to you.
But if you realize that you were wrong about a specific team member’s potential, step back from them and focus your energies on someone new to make sure you’ll be as successful as you can.

Invest in the coming generation.

Investing in the coming generation of young people is especially rewarding in the MLM industry, because these people may become our new leaders and will expand our branches continuously.
Every young person wants to build up a career as quickly as possible, fulfill his or her dreams. They pursue their dreams with an incredible energy – a power that may have faded in people who have already worked for years. Use this energy – it’s contagious to you and others as well! Just think about what young people love to do – go out, meet friends and find new ones. It’s not hard to imagine the gigantic potential this offers.
So, reach out to the new generation and let them inspire you!

Use your social media channels.

Life is unimaginable without Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. these days. Almost everything is happening through these channels and people spend a daily average of about 3 hours on social media. Everyone wants to be up to date all the time, communicate, exchange information, etc. It goes without saying that these channels are great for expanding your business.
However, many people make the mistake of posting ugly pictures (e.g. of wounds) and other questionable content. Big mistake! Would you be interested in these contacts, products or business opportunities? Probably not.
ASEA runs several social media channels, where we provide various posts and other tools on a daily basis. Use them to build your own business! Come and see us on:
ASEA Europe Facebook
ASEA Europe Instagram
ASEA Europe YouTube
ASEA Germany YouTube

Continue your education.

As in any other profession, training and education is crucial for your success in MLM.
Your leaders, but also ASEA Corporate offer you constant training opportunities, events and meetings to help you be up to date. In any case, make sure to join us at our major ASEA events! Here you will meet our top managers and the most successful leaders at ASEA. Participation in these events will definitely boost your business. What are you waiting for? Register today for the next ASEA event (ASEA 2018 Global Convention) and be the FIRST to know what’s coming.

These are just a few network marketing tips, but we are confident they can help you start thinking of many other ways to become even more successful than you are already.
We at ASEA can’t wait to see you rise through the ASEA ranks. Together we will succeed!