Introducing the Pick’n Play Promotion

There are three different ways to participate in Pick’n Play. Play one, or play them all. Just get ready for some great incentives!

Double Loyalty Rewards – Add any RENU Advanced product to your autoship, and get double the Loyalty Rewards points on your entire order. That’s up to 40% in points! Imagine all the free product!

Reconnect with Redox – You know that associate who hasn’t ordered in a while? Incentivize them with free skincare! Just by reactivating their autoship, they’ll qualify for up to $330 (or the equivalent in your local currency*) in free RENU Advanced products.

Top Redox Rookies** – If you enrolled with ASEA in the last year, you can get cash prizes for growing your team. The top 10 associates with the most qualified enrollments each month will get up to $4,000 in cash— with no minimum enrollments to play!

Pick’n Play runs now through September 30, 2017. Any ASEA associate or preferred customer in any global market, including Global Reach markets, can play!

Are you game to earn some amazing rewards?

Visit your virtual office and click the Pick’n Play banner to get started.

*Product value is rounded, reflects net US product prices and can vary due to different VAT rates across European markets.
**Until further notification, the Top Redox Rookies incentive does not apply on ASEA Associates registered in Italy.