They Make #PoweredByASEA Sensational!

It is our pleasure to support incredible athletes again this year! As in previous years, we received numerous applications from European athletes and teams and were tasked with the honorable duty of selecting the most interesting ones for our ASEA Athlete Program. All of these athletes are ASEA enthusiasts who don’t want to miss out on the advantages of our products.
Want to know more about our current ASEA Athletes? Get to know them below.


EA Victoria Nygaard Tefre – At 17, EA Victoria from Norway dances freestyle disco jazz at the highest level (Elite/Premier Champ). She competes in freestyle, slow, and hip hop/street. She began dancing professionally at the age of 13 and already has significant success under her belt. In 2016 and 2017, she became the Norwegian champion and competed in the 2017 World Championships final in the “slow” category.
EA Victoria is a humble fighter and ASEA enthusiast who never gives up and works hard to reach her goals.
We look forward to reporting more of her successes soon!

FKS Stal Mielec soccer clubWe’re especially proud of the Polishsoccer club Stal Mielec which has been supported by our Athlete Program since last year. The long-established club’s colors match ASEA’s blue and white, and as two-time Polish champions, they’re on a good path to continue to expand their success. The club displays its bond with ASEA at each of their home games with custom made ASEA field banners. So, it’s more than understandable that we share a #OneTeam hashtag. We’re honored to have you as part of our ASEA team!
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Slovenian Ski Jumping Team – We’re especially proud that we’ve had the privilege to support the Slovenian National Team in ski jumping since last year. The team and its members have already secured quite a few incredible victories. Included in their outstanding victories are several Olympic medals, an overall World Cup victory, numerous medals from World Championships, etc. – their successes are never-ending. The best known team members are the Prevc brothers (Peter and Domen), Robert Kranjec, Anze Semenic, Anze Lanisek, Jurij Tepeš and many more.
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Alvaro Ibañez – Since 2013, this fencer has been a member of the Spanish National Team where he has already secured several large victories at the young age of 22. In 2017 he was the only athlete to win every Spanish competition and also collected numerous medals on the international stage.

Alvaro is positive that, with the help of ASEA, he’ll be even more successful in 2018. We at ASEA wish him all the best.



Trygve Toskedal Larsen – is a longtime athlete who cannot live without sports.. As a former member of the Norwegian National Baseball Team, he was forced to find a new sport following a severe motorcycle accident and moved to cross-country skiing and biathlons. He emerged as an exceptional Norwegian athlete in these fields and has already celebrated huge success at the World Championships as well as the Paralympics.
We are so proud to have him on our ASEA Athlete Team.


Davo Karničar – is an elite Alpinist and extreme skier who has been a member of our ASEA Athlete team since 2016.
Following Davo’s active career as a skier, he became the Yugoslavian national trainer and during the early 90s he also worked as a service man for the Norwegian Ski Alpine Team.
But this Slovenian is best known for skiing all Seven Summits, the highest mountains on each continent. He was also the first to complete a successful ski run down Mount Everest!
He is an unbelievable athlete who knows no limits!


We at ASEA are proud to have the privilege to work with so many brilliant athletes and look forward to each athlete’s progress and success.
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