Organize your ASEA Business with these 3 Apps

Working with a direct-selling company keeps you busy! Sometimes you don’t have the time or resources to meet face to face with your team and potential customers, not to mention all of the information you’re responsible for managing. And if you’re like most network marketers, you still have your day job as you work to grow your ASEA business on the side. Any tool that can help you save time is worth, well, your time. Here just a few of the most popular apps available for simplifying your already busy life.


ASEA SmartWallet App: It pays to get paid

This app is a mobile version of the ASEA SmartWallet website you are likely already familiar with and is available for both Android and iOS. You can use it to make transfers, view available funds, and review transaction history, all on the go! No need to go to your computer to check your commission; just pull out your phone.


GroupMe: Stay in Touch with your Downline

Improve communication with your team with this group messaging app. Available on both Android and iOS, you can keep your whole team in the loop. As you start growing your business and developing leadership beneath, you it may get hard to keep in touch with everyone. GroupMe allows you to create a chat room where you and your downline can coordinate and exchange information.


Evernote: Take notes, stay organized

Evernote is an organizational and note app available for Android and iOS with the functionality to create projects and take notes in a cloud-based format. Never lose your notes! You can use a search function to look within the app to find information quickly. As an entrepreneur, Evernote makes it easy to track your receipts for business and travel-related expenses for tax purposes. You can capture all of these receipts using a tool in the app and it will organize them for you. There are also in-app purchases that upgrade the user experience.x

Staying organized keeps you on top of your game, and these apps can make that much easier! What are some of the apps you use to keep your business organized? Post them in the comments section below.