Start Your Week with ASEA: Moving from Transactions to Transformations

This article is part of our series on Next Level Marketing, a movement to replace outmoded and inferior business tactics with their superior, modern counterparts. Today we’re excited to take a look at how and why to go from a transactional focus to a transformational commitment. 

Moving from transactions to transformations requires more than a different business outlook, it depends upon a next-level marketing mindset. Over the last few decades, economists predicted that the world would move from a product-oriented economy into a place where transformational experiences would change business as we know it. Old-world marketing lived in a commodity marketplace, where a simple product was sold. Over time we’ve moved into a service-oriented economy—where the entire customer experience is transformational.

Moving from Transactions to Transformations

Old-world marketing was obsessed with, and overemphasized, the idea of income. The moral high ground of everything ASEA has to offer is not just what we earn from the labors we do but what we become by them. This is what it means to be involved in a transformation economy. The outcome is not income. The outcome is to overcome, and become better—and then we earn our income.

At ASEA, we provide products that can change people’s lives, not only in breakthrough wellness potential but also in providing an exceptional ethos, genuine culture, and a kind of business that elevates our customer’s experience.

Providing Products and Experiences

A modern example of this idea illustrates how businesses started with providing a bag of imported whole coffee beans, then shifted to selling conveniently packaged coffee grounds in grocery stores, and ended up making a customized cup of gourmet coffee for each of their customers. Now businesses aren’t selling coffee, they are providing them with an enhanced experience and an exceptional service.

A transformation economy will guide customers beyond experiences to a new realm of soulful relationships with the brands with which they are aligned. As a cyclical, symbiotic relationship, the customer influences the brand and the brand adjusts, creating a reciprocal, powerful, and genuine relationship of change and transformation for both parties.

We believe that business is more about becoming our best selves and establishing genuine relationships with our customers and clients. Our amazing ASEA products speak for themselves and help people make positive changes in their lives, but what sells the products is business leaders creating authentic interactions and exceptional experiences for their customers.