Start Your Week with ASEA: The secret to prioritizing your health this holiday season

The holidays are all about counting your blessings and spending time with those we love. While the magic of the season comes from putting others’ needs before your own, that shouldn’t mean you can’t prioritize the things that keep you healthy and at your best. Here are some ways you can take care of yourself so that you can take care of the people who mean the most to you. 

Stay active, eat healthily 

Maintaining physical activity can be challenging during the cold months as most of us are cooped up indoors. Even two and half hours a week can help make a massive difference in your health. Help your family stay active by encouraging kids and teens to get physical for at least one hour a day. 

Fruits and vegetables are a simple way to prioritize nutrients and help lower your risk for certain diseases. It’s a season full of delicious treats, but make sure that your daily routine avoids foods high in fat, salt, and sugar so that your weekend life can be all about the sweets!

Manage stress

When you feel overwhelmed and out of control, make sure to take some time to yourself. It’s important to have quiet and alone time to rest your mind. Don’t feel too bad about indulging in that holiday movie marathon rather than feeling like you need to attend every event. Remember that the reason for the season is to spend quality time with your loved ones, and you can only do that when you’ve recharged your mental batteries. 

Wash your hands, get your checkups

Germs thrive during the winter months, and the easiest way to avoid getting sick is to wash your hands frequently. It sounds silly but remember to use clean, warmer running water for at least 20 seconds and soap. 

Keeping up on your health exams, checkups, and screenings is a great way to make sure your health is tip-top during this time of year. Wearing a facemask is an increasingly common precaution against sharing airborne illnesses. 

Take supplements for extra support

The time between Thanksgiving and New Year involves quite a bit of socializing, traveling, and shopping. To help give yourself a natural boost during the holidays and help fill in the gaps in your diet, food supplements are a great way to get that extra support.