Thinking Bigger about Your Business

Woman giving a business training in front of a group of people

Every network marketer has a unique reason for doing what they do. But there’s a common thread: the aim for success. So how do you ensure your success and your potential to climb up through the ranks at ASEA?

Drink up this advice from three experts whose résumés indicate their advice on the matter is right on the money. Terry Latham, ASEA Triple Diamond Executive; Ed Wiens, ASEA Double Diamond Executive; and Karen Reilley, ASEA VP of U.S. Sales all shared ways to zero in on your business and go from a hobby network marketer to a serious industry professional.

A Six-Step Mnemonic for De-finitive Success
For Karen Reilley, ensuring success begins and ends with a simple mnemonic she calls “The Six Ds.”

Desire – Want something more for yourself
Decision – Make the decision that you’re going to take the next steps
Declaration – Commit to your decision by declaring your goals
Devotion – Be passionate about what you’re doing and selling
Development – Seek to develop yourself professionally and personally

Turning Your Desire into an Empire
Ed Wiens realized early in his rapid ascent to Double Diamond that he could make the ASEA opportunity his path to freedom—but it was going to take more than desire. He explains that you have to start with a re-examination of your “WHY.” What is your motivation for building your ASEA business? Is it the product? If so, you may need to dig a little deeper.

Ed elaborates, “Make the decision, embrace the product, but also the business. Only the business has the power to put freedom within your reach.”

ASEA offers fascinating products, and it’s easy to embrace the incredible science behind them. However, when you marry passion for the product with a true belief in the business-building opportunity, that’s when you start changing lives. Especially your own.

“Realize that this could be the biggest thing you’ve ever been a part of,” Ed continues. “All the factors are there. The only thing missing is what you bring to the table. If you bring everything you have, and everyone else brings what they have to the table, it’s a no-lose situation.”

When Your Business Lulls

It’s easy to focus on the money as a business person. In fact, sometimes you develop tunnel vision when it comes to your earnings. Especially if you’re not quite where you want to be. This happens, but Terry Latham shares his advice for moving beyond this.

“It’s not about the money, it’s about what the money yields,” Terry says.

So keep in mind that as you’re journeying through the ranks at ASEA, you’re gaining so much more than wealth. Ask yourself, “What has this extra income allowed me to do or become?”

What are you yielding from your work? If it’s not what you imagined, it’s time to think bigger about your business.