How ASEA’s Corporate PR Initiatives Support Your Business

You might wonder what goes on behind the scenes at ASEA corporate. How does the corporate team really support you as an associate? Beyond paying commissions, hosting the virtual office, creating marketing tools and providing front-line customer service support through our customer service reps, how else does ASEA corporate support your business building efforts?

One of our global strategies that has the potential to be among the most impactful for your business is ASEA’s strategic public relations program. The initiatives undertaken through this program, while behind the scenes and therefore not always apparent, both advance and protect the ASEA brand in powerful and proven ways.


We live in a virtual age, with all sorts of information at our fingertips, making it crucial for any major brand to take the lead in telling its story. If we don’t tell our own story and manage our reputation, someone else certainly will! Whether it be misinformed media representatives, competitors, or regulators, the stories that others tell about ASEA aren’t always accurate, and are sometimes purposely untruthful.

This is particularly true with companies who pursue a direct sales business model. Direct selling companies seem to face a constant barrage of criticism, and ASEA is no exception. In some cases we face even more scrutiny because, in addition to our direct sales business model, we offer a groundbreaking technology—relatively unknown before ASEA introduced it to a global market.

The bigger we grow, the more important it becomes to be out there first with the real ASEA story, creating a bank of goodwill against nefarious campaigns or attacks. Some of the positive things we have done or are doing to strengthen and advance the ASEA Brand in positive ways include:

  • Creation of a simplified, powerful branding platform that makes sharing the ASEA story simpler
  • Enhancement of ASEA’s online presence through social media sites and corporate and associate replicated websites
  • Initiation of proactive media outreach that places positive stories about ASEA in both traditional and social media outlets
  • Use of brand ambassadors to create brand awareness in key markets
  • Development of the ASEA Athlete program to tout the benefits of our groundbreaking products for active individuals
  • Use of third party doctors and medical professionals to validate the significance of our groundbreaking flagship technology
  • Creation of the ASEA Advancing Life Foundation to provide resources aimed at empowering and enriching the lives of the disadvantaged around the globe.

Messaging and PR initiatives like this are not only smart, they’re crucial to our brand, and when utilized, can be influential in your business.


We want it to make it easier for you to share the ASEA products and opportunity. When a credible source other than you, who doesn’t have a vested interest in selling product or promoting the business, says or writes good things about ASEA, it improves YOUR credibility.

So one of our objectives here at ASEA is to initiate strategic and proactive media coverage to create positive brand and product awareness. You can’t underestimate the sales advantage of positive media coverage. When credible third-party experts, pundits, editors, writers, and bloggers write positive stories about ASEA, it validates everything that you say as an associate.

To find and access the coverage that we are receiving around the world, visit the News Center at There you can view and download recent media coverage, news releases, our corporate blog and press kit. We encourage you to use the information you find there to provide increased power to your efforts to share the ASEA story.


Another important area we are constantly working to improve is our company’s rankings on top internet browsers. An effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy helps increase the likelihood that positive stories dominate the top browser rankings.

Our SEO strategy is two-fold. On the one hand, we partner with SEO specialists who work on negating harmful links, building our presence on social networks, and gathering reviews on our company and products from influencers. On the other hand, our ASEA corporate communications team focuses on creating positive mentions, reviews, keywords, and high-quality links. We’re also constantly producing shareable content such as blogs, infographics, and videos to build links to our website and thereby enhancing our online presence.

Investing in SEO improves the likelihood that when people look for information on ASEA, they find accurate and informative articles. This is yet another way that ASEA’s corporate efforts are advancing and protecting our brand and thereby boosting your credibility as an ASEA associate.

The bottom line: you represent a world-class brand and you deserve world-class support from ASEA corporate that strengthens your crucial efforts to share the ASEA story in the field. By supporting your grassroots efforts, we are confident that together we will ultimately be able to take our groundbreaking products and the accompanying business opportunity to the four corners of the globe!