Goodbye, cellulite: All natural care options that really work

According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, as many as nine out of ten women report struggling with cellulite. Removing cellulite for many becomes an increasingly urgent priority, especially with age.

Although it’s nothing to be ashamed of, you can still take a stand against this very common condition. There are many ways to reduce the appearance of this stubborn cosmetic issue, many of which don’t even require a doctor or office visit.

What causes cellulite?

Cellulite is nothing more than an irregular distribution of subcutaneous fat just below the skin. While you’ll rarely find it on the face itself, it may present itself in any of the following problem areas:

  • Stomach and abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Upper arms
  • Breasts
  • Derriere

Cellulite plagues as many as 90% of women worldwide. If you’re one of them, we have more than a few solutions that you can try at home.

Which cellulite care is right for you? There are so many ways to go.

Removing cellulite for sexier, smoother skin

Maintaining a healthy weight and an active lifestyle helps you prevent cellulite from becoming an issue in the first place. However, as we age, we become more likely to develop sagging skin and abnormalities like cellulite, even when fully engaged in a healthy routine.

Cellulite care can vary wildly, from all-natural, at-home remedies to more invasive procedures such as surgery. Fortunately, you have options:

  • Topical cellulite care: Despite being the least invasive option, anti-cellulite lotions and serums can effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite anywhere on your body (if applied properly and consistently).
  • Ablative laser cellulite care: Brands like Cellulaze probe beneath the skin through a small incision. This procedure can reduce the thickness of the fat in your cellulite-affected areas and stimulate collagen production.
  • Radiofrequency resurfacing care: Radiofrequency signals are used to relax the fibrous septae under the surface, allowing it to heal more smoothly than before. Other related methods to treat cellulite include infrared light care and radial pulses, all aiming to reinvigorate the area similarly.
  • Fillers and injections: Cellulite-specific injectable cares can mimic the appearance of a more youthful, even layer of subcutaneous fat, especially in the buttocks.
  • Acoustic wave therapy: Picture an ultrasound-like device. A trained technician uses sound waves to literally destroy the fat cells clumping beneath the skin through a layer of medical gel.
  • Fat grafts: Healthier-looking surface tissue from elsewhere on your body is removed and co-opted in the problem area, covering the cellulite that was once there before.
  • Fat injections: Just as it sounds, fat is injected into the problem area, obscuring the cellulite lumps and filling any loose skin.
  • Cellulite surgery: This includes a number of more invasive procedures. Your doctor uses a needle and/or scalpel to physically dissociate the cellulite. This includes one particularly infamous cellulite care: liposuction.
  • Massage therapy: A certified specialist works your skin, kneading it with a roller or a vacuum-like device. This one is rather controversial in terms of true efficacy, but it’s non-invasive.

Some of these plans remove cellulite, but often at steep financial and health-related costs. Other cellulite care works gradually over time to deliver the desired results. Rest assured there is hope for healthy, vibrant skin.

As always, we recommend seeking the advice of your physician before committing to any cellulite care.

The only all-natural cellulite care you need

Removing cellulite is a pain, but it doesn’t have to be a lifelong affair. RENU28® Revitalizing Redox Gel can help without surgery or fillers. In a 12-week study, female participants saw a 14 – 15% decrease in the size of cellulite adipose lobules. 

Reinvigorate your skin and find a new lease on life, all through the power of improved redox potential, the lifeblood of cellular renewal and turnover. We put the power in your hands—all you need to do is take the next step.