11 Tips to Naturally Boost Your Energy

Not having enough energy seems to be a pretty common complaint these days, and the question many people have is: Why do I keep running out of energy? There are some pretty simple changes a person can make daily to beat the daily drag. You simply need to know how to get more energy. 

1. Get Your Sleep

A lack of sleep leaves a person feeling groggy and lethargic throughout the day. Prioritize sleep. It does more than just help you feel more energized the next day. It also keeps your entire body and mind healthier. 

2. Exercise

Exercise and a good night’s sleep go hand in hand because exercising ensures you will get good sleep at bedtime. It also energizes the body at the cellular level, gives the blood an oxygen boost, and improves mood due to its positive effect on dopamine levels. If you’re finding it hard to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, start by going for a 20-minute speed walk every day.

3. Drink Water

Hydration is essential for so many things, from healthy skin to healthy blood pressure. Staying hydrated also has a direct correlation to energy. One of the first signs of not consuming enough fluids is fatigue. Be sure to drink 6 – 8 glasses of water a day.

4. Eat Energy Foods

Your body needs fuel to function, and food is fuel, but the quality of fuel you put into yourself directly affects your energy. Diet is vital for a healthy lifestyle. Regularly eating foods that increase energy is crucial for optimum energy levels. Vitamin- and fiber-rich foods that take longer to digest, such as whole grains, vegetables, nuts, and legumes, are a great way to have steady, healthy energy throughout the day. 

5. Caffeine Can Help

Caffeine is a great way to boost energy. Having that cup of joe every morning is a great option for starting the day (not to mention recent studies have shown coffee to be healthy for the liver!). But be careful about your caffeine intake. If taken too late in the day, caffeine can disrupt sleep patterns. 

6. Avoid Sugar

Highly processed foods and foods high in sugar are energy killers. They cause blood sugar levels to increase rapidly, creating a quick but short energy boost. When blood sugar levels go back down, they sink lower than before, making a person feel even more tired and sluggish. 

7. Vitamins and Minerals

How to boost energy? Take your vitamins! Vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy energy levels, and taking them daily is simple with a quality whole-food supplement.

8. Cut Back

Sometimes finding the root of feeling tired is easy. A huge exhaustion culprit is overdoing it. Worn out? Cut back on daily activities. Prioritize your list of things you need to do, and let the not-so-important things not get done.

9. Relieve Stress

Stress can be overwhelming. It can lead to anxiety and the inability to quiet the mind, which takes both a mental and physical toll and can drain energy. Finding ways to reduce stress can increase energy. Things like going for a walk (there’s your exercise!), taking a few minutes to do something you enjoy, or giving yourself time and permission to relax can help reduce stress.

10. Socialize

Whether you are going out with friends or chatting up a stranger in the checkout line, social interactions have been proven to increase happiness. On the other hand, social isolation contributes to tiredness and low mood, especially in older people. So, make the effort to strengthen social relationships.


Meditation is proven to boost energy, especially over the long term. People who use the practice regularly have a strong prefrontal cortex and a calm amygdala, areas of the brain that are key to problem-solving and emotional intelligence. 

So now that you have some ideas about how to get more energy, begin making changes today—and don’t forget to support the cells that make it all happen. To find out more about how to support your well-being in a perfect way, visit our website.