ASEA Ethos at European Conference & Envision: Goal Setting for 2019

At the recent 2019 European Conference & Envision, ASEA corporate staff and associates once again came together to discuss constructive business ethics for ASEA business owners worldwide. One common theme discussed among associates was Founder Tyler Norton’s Ethos Academy which resonated with each person and inspired them to reach higher. Tyler emphasized the core values at ASEA, he outlined ways to incorporate these ethics in daily work for a thriving business, and he defined what it means to have a company ethos.

Cultures are important. Culture can be defined as the beliefs, the behaviors, even the characteristics of a particular group of people, which are transmitted from one group to another by example. Here at ASEA, we have a belief that it is vital to build a corporate culture we can all take pride in. An ethos is the core center of this belief and represents the distinguishing characteristics and values that are fundamental to our culture as an ASEA family.

Can a corporation have a soul?

Tyler is a lover of etymology and words. This love has led him to trace the word corporation back to the root word corporal, meaning body. Likewise, an organization comes from the root word organ. If a corporation is a body and an organization is made up of organs, can a corporation have a soul? Tyler argues that the corporate soul is the spiritual part of an organization that gives life to the body. To him, an ethos is the corporate heart and soul.

When the ASEA family worldwide genuinely tries to embody the same core values into their goal planning, it creates an exceptional environment where people can succeed.

Keep the ego in check.

To determine whether or not your principles are properly prioritized over ego or economics, Tyler refers to the “EPC formula,” short for “Keep your Ego (and Economic motivations) beneath your Principals to increase your Capacity.” He advises that we place principles over profit and create conditions where our principles can prevail.

At times, our ego might try to be the priority for the day, but if we focus on managing our motives we can always place our principles above ourselves. Our capacity is our potential ability. Try to be high in principles and high in capacity or skill, which will allow money to follow naturally. Build your capacity. As ASEA Founder Verdis Norton says, “You are valued in life, in large measure, to the degree that you make yourself valuable. Work on yourself.”

Keep E under P, and drive up your C. Or rather, keep your ego in check, your personal principles high, and drive up your skill set for achievement. When managing your motives never let your ego or economic motivations trump your commitment to living in alignment with true principles.

Goal-Setting Exercise:

Now that we’ve reviewed the ASEA ethos, try creating a roadmap for your business in 2019. It’s important that you keep in mind how to prioritize people and principles first. Using a roadmap for the next three months, write down a step-by-step game plan to reach your ASEA goals. Once your roadmap is created, you can use it to mark checkpoints along the way.

Use a timer and these five steps to build your 2019 roadmap:

  1. Set a timer for five minutes and start writing your wishlist of accomplishments for your ASEA business. Write every single thing that comes to mind and be as specific as possible.
  2. Now it’s time to prioritize. This time, set the timer for one minute and circle all the goals that would have the most positive impact on your life and the people around you.
  3. Now write all the necessary steps you must take, or tasks you must complete, to reach your ASEA goal. Be as detailed as possible.
  4. Assign due dates to each of these tasks by estimating the amount of time needed to complete them. A 3-month quarterly plan is usually easier to breakdown.
  5. Look over each task and prioritize them from most important to least. Throughout the year, you can use these checkpoints as a reference to keep you on track to achieving your goals!

Now that you’ve created a comprehensive goals list, you know what you’re working towards, the steps required to achieve the goal, and the resources you’ll need to study to achieve them. As part of the ASEA family, we are excited to see you succeed and proud to help another person create their own business and guide others to thrive with the ASEA Ethos.

To learn more about Tyler Norton’s ASEA Ethos Academy click here.