Diamond Summit 2019 Destination: Hawaii

ASEA is thrilled to announce Hawaii as the 2019 Diamond Summit location! ASEA’s highest achievers are rewarded each year with a rejuvenating getaway. Diamond+ qualifiers are whisked away to a luxury destination for the Diamond Summit, where they enjoy fine dining, excursions, and targeted activities with the best of the best.


How To Qualify
Diamond Summit qualifications are now simplified with a points system instead of a certain number of weeks at a paid-at rank. We’re also introducing Enrollment Volume Perks and the First-Time Qualifier Bonus!

How To Earn Points
Associates earn points each time they’re paid at a Diamond+ rank during the qualification period. Each lifetime rank advancement during the qualification period earns double points on the week of the advancement.

Qualification Period
4 August 2018 – 2 August 2019

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