Jarom Webb’s 2018 Holiday Greeting

At the end of each year, I reflect on the progress I’ve experienced both personally and professionally. This exercise leads me without fail to feel deep gratitude for the many gifts of knowledge and growth I’ve received. These gifts are rarely delivered in a tidy package with a pretty bow (they usually show up with challenging assembly required). Yet, these gifts—and they are gifts—are immensely rewarding and meaningful because they make us better and broaden our perspective.

When I think about our year at ASEA, my first feelings of gratitude are for our wonderful associates across the world who honor the legacy and vision of our beloved founders Verdis and Tyler Norton by carrying forth the life-changing message of ASEA. I’ve met so many passionate individuals in my travels who are committed to our cause, and it gives me a sense of great excitement and energy for the future we share. Together, we can and we will achieve our full potential.

ASEA 2018: An Inflection Point

In my year-end message last year, I mentioned that ASEA had just concluded a 7-year phase of infrastructural renovation and begun a new phase of accelerated growth. I am happy to report that that is exactly what we experienced this year. With growth and sales breaking records hand over fist, the year showed a dramatic inflection point. We turned a very important corner together to make ASEA a prime destination for wellness seekers and lifestyle leaders. Here’s the year in review:

  • Our expansion into Asia—the largest region in the world for network marketing—caught the attention of great leaders and has been immensely successful
  • With the introduction of ASEA VIA at ASEA Global Convention, we brought wellness full circle and planted a stake in the ground as the global leader in redox based technologies
  • We experienced unprecedented growth in sales, enrollments, autoships, and rank advancements in all regions of the world
  • For the fourth year in a row, ASEA was recognized as one of the best companies to work for in the state of Utah
  • Our Ascent and Diamond Summit trips took top associates—and there are more of you than ever!—to unique (and regal) resort destinations in Los Cabos, Mexico and Dublin, Ireland
  • Our combined efforts with the Advancing Life Foundation this year (working with CHOICE) gave substantial form to the Inta-Cara Advancing Life Center in Ecuador, spurring excitement and new government backing to provide additional infrastructure to the area. Working with O.U.R., we have put valuable new resources in the hands of those fighting child sex trafficking, sponsoring missions that have rescued child victims and led to the arrests of traffickers.
  • Many lives continue to be changed through our products, financial opportunity, and culture.

ASEA 2019: Using Our Gifts of Growth to Reach New Heights

Yes, 2018 will be remembered as an inflection year, one that marked the movement of ASEA to a new level of growth and expansion. While I foresee a fantastic 2019, it won’t be the shift in phases we saw this time last year — this is a phase we are excited to continue! To make it happen, my challenge to you is to take time to reflect on how you have grown and progressed in 2018 and then set new objectives to reach new heights for 2019.

Congratulations on the best year in ASEA history!