The Power of Product Testimonials: Aurora Ray

As a leader in the New Age movement, Aurora Ray has a large following, but that doesn’t surprise her at all. Raised in Germany and now living in Ibiza, she comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Running a successful business comes naturally to her and so does the work that she does as a raw food nutritionist.

An Entrepreneur Focused on Health

“I’m a health coach and I’ve focused on healing for over a decade,” says Aurora, “As a raw food nutritionist I know which supplements, medicinal foods, herbs, and nutrition programs are most beneficial to my clients. When a friend recommended ASEA to me, I didn’t think much of it because I’d already tried pretty much every supplement. But this really surprised me.”

Serving Humanity Rather than Wealth

Even though her family was business-focused, Aurora made the decision to base her career on serving others, not just on making money.

With a loyal online community, Aurora was already used to people responding to her updates, but she never expected that trying ASEA and talking about it would yield any specific business results. She was in for a huge surprise. A simple and honest post telling folks how she was experiencing by taking ASEA every day started bringing in an exciting amount of interest and, along with it, new clients and new business.

A Breakthrough Product, A Breakthrough Business

“I started taking the product in March and updated my network in April,” says Aurora, “The first night after my initial post we had 30 orders and 20 new associates. After two weeks I earned the Director 700 rank. Every weekend I’ve sent out another email updating everyone on my personal product results and every week the ASEA business keeps growing.”

Aurora believes that when business owners focus on authenticity and operate from a place of integrity, success is bound to follow.

“Just be yourself,” says Aurora, “You can’t help but be successful when you operate from this angle. I want to help people evolve and heal. I want to help humanity. When I run my business with this as my main goal it all comes back to me later on.”