Next Level Marketing: Optical versus actual

This article is part of our series on Next Level Marketing, a movement to replace outmoded and inferior business tactics with their superior, modern counterparts. Today we’re excited to take a look at the importance of providing real substance instead of settling for an enticing illusion. We call it “actual over optical.”.In multilevel marketing, the old world thought process worried about being convincing rather than leading with conviction, and it gave its attention to how things appear more than how they are. In the new era of Next-Level Marketing, the focus must be on being deeply committed to the actual, not the optical.

“We need to move away from what something appears to be, and be open, honest, and real about what is,” says ASEA Founder Tyler Norton. “You would think after all of these years of humanity, that we would be more embracing of the actual and more quick to avoid the optical.”

He concludes, “When the actual and the optical are one, that’s integrity.”

Connecting with those meant for you

In an era where selfies abound and are manipulated to present a perfect personal image, we see the obsession with the optical driving unrealistic expectations and damaging self-worth. Worrying about how something appears rather than presenting ourselves in a genuine way holds us back from connecting with the people who are truly meant to be in our lives. 

“When the form and essence of someone becomes one, that’s wonderful,” says Tyler. “But optical without the actual is a conflict. We should move away from focusing on how we are seen and move towards seeing how we are, by paying attention to what’s inside. Next-level marketing must move away from the obsession with the optical and move toward the essence of the actual.”

Building a solid foundation for business starts with establishing your authentic self, your genuine message, and having tangible goals that are about helping make a positive impact on those around you. By presenting yourself authentically, people will sense that your goals and aspirations are genuine, and this will build a level of trust that will have a lasting impact on your business.