Now Is the Perfect Time

Tammi Gates, Ambassador Double Diamond

Chuck and Tammi Gates admit that they’ve had it easier than some during this quarantine. They spent the winter in Arizona in their fifth-wheel. Now they’re headed back up to Montana. When the ASEA Impact team caught up with them, they had gotten as far as Las Vegas. Tammi may be quarantined, but her light and love radiate. And she had some great insight about doing business during a global shut-down. The following are her words, taken from a transcript. 

Quarantine causes concerns

Now is the perfect time to ask how people are doing for real. I definitely think it’s a season where ASEA associates are struggling to know how to prospect, who to talk to, and how to do it without feeling like a vulture. They have the right heart about it but don’t know what to say. That’s just a fact of the situation we’re in, and for a large part, that isn’t going to change until we come out of this. So we feel like we’re holding our breath. And business may slump a little bit—people are worried about their discretionary income. So associates may feel like they’re running out of people to talk to.

It’s retention time

On the other hand, in the past 10 days, I’ve had four people who have been really quiet on the radar for years reach out to me and say, “OK, I gotta do this now. What do I do next?” 

What does that mean? It’s a good time to look at retention numbers! Reach out to existing people who have already believed at some point—who chose to belong at some point. All we have to do is update them on all the things that are new here at ASEA, and refresh their memory about what a fabulous opportunity ASEA is. If we make those reach-out calls in a humane way and check on people, business will grow. 

How are you, really?

So here we are in Vegas. Chuck has a high school buddy who has worked at the MGM Grand for 28 years. That whole facility is closed now. We checked in on him when we arrived here, and we could tell in his voice how depressed he is. He’s in ASEA, but this was no time for us to say, “Hey, you can do something about your ASEA business.” We simply made contact with a friend.

This quarantine is affecting people mentally. It’s no doubt the same for many, many people that ASEA associates everywhere know. 

The most important thing is to check on people. There will come a time when conversations will turn to employment. Just be friendly and neighborly, and as appropriate; remind people that they do have an ASEA business, and we’re here for them. That won’t happen with every phone call. But right now, it’s people that matter. 

The show goes on

Things have not slowed down at ASEA! Doing an ASEA business from home is actually easier than it ever has been. We have moved everything online, and there are more tools there than ever before!

Standing together

I saw a sign on a flashing casino billboard that inspired me. It read: We don’t have to be together to stand together. The show will go on. 

That applies to us! We are ASEA—ASEA strong, ASEA united. We are still a team. We are still standing together through this thing, checking in with each other, including those in our crosslines.

We had to cancel Envision Conference this year, but that did not cancel our mission, our vision, our purpose, our dreams. The show will go on. This will pass. We are ASEA strong. 


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