Why qualifying for our Emerging Leaders Training is a must

Emerging Leaders Training

Here at ASEA®, we know that being a leader requires being up to date with the best business practices. However, we are in a business that is in a constant state of change and development. And as our company ethos and brand promise is to help people power their potential, we decided to help our associates achieve this. That is why we have opened the opportunity for all our European associates to be able to learn and become top ASEA leaders with our Emerging Leaders Training. Read on to find out why you should be looking forward to this opportunity and what to expect from it!

What’s the Emerging Leaders Training?

Our Emerging Leaders Training is a unique opportunity for learning and developing your leadership and business-building skills. Designed thinking about associates’ needs, the Emerging Leaders Training is a unique opportunity to unlock leadership, networking, and business potential.

Its core purpose is to give our rising leaders and newest associates that show potential the opportunity to learn from field leaders and ASEA corporate professionals. The training is a one-and-a-half-day intensive training for advanced leaders. Taking place right before our 2022 European Conference this September in Budapest, this unique opportunity is something you shouldn’t miss.

What should I expect from the experience?

During this training, the few that qualify will be given the opportunity to obtain the tools and techniques to further their business potential. Additionally, by taking part in this training, our associate rising stars will be able to adopt the right mindset for success, learn how to maximize their income, and practice their communication and event planning skills. But that isn’t all that our qualifiers will get from this experience.

After the event sessions, our qualifiers will be able to attend a networking evening. This evening aims to connect for success. It includes a flying buffet and the opportunity to meet with like-minded associates. Moreover, this will also allow qualifiers to meet ASEA top leaders and executives. Overall, this evening is an opportunity to build new partnerships and connect with your ASEA family while having fun.

How do I qualify?

The qualification period is open until 20 August! All associates registered in an open ASEA Europe market can participate, regardless of their rank. In order to qualify, you need to fulfill two out of the four criteria:

  • Executive Momentum Pool Earner
  • Paid at D700 rank or above for at least 13 weeks
  • Successfully complete two Fast 4ward challenges
  • Minimum of 1,500 personal enrollment volume generated

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