Skin Cell Turnover: The Secret’s in the Serum

If you can remember life without cell phones, or if you recall thinking, “Finally!” when the first Star Wars prequels came out, it’s probably time for you to think about a facial serum—even if your skin is still looking good. The signs of aging can be subtle, but we still want to keep them at bay. The good news is, there’s an easy way to do that.

There’s a lot that goes into true skin health, and it goes far deeper than cleansing. Beneath the surface, your once-speedy skin cell turnover has likely started to lag. As healthy turnover starts to take its time (it can slow by as much as 200% over a normal lifespan), the visible signs of aging begin to add up: a little less bounce-back here, a little less moisture there, and suddenly you’re looking at fine lines.

Want to combat these fine lines and wrinkles? You’ve got to go below the surface, all the way down to the cellular level. The more you do to keep your skin cells thriving, the better.

RENU Advanced Intensive Redox Serum is a one-of-a-kind serum on the market that delivers concentrated redox signaling molecules to your skin. These molecules act as cellular messengers which literally facilitate communication between skin cells, a critical aspect of skin cell renewal. It’s a way to enhance skin health at the cellular level, supporting younger, more vibrant-looking skin.

So if you’re thinking you might like to give your skin more of what it needs to look its best—if you want to get your best skin back—give this serum a try. It’s lab-certified to contain active redox signaling molecules and has been clinically proven to show both immediate and long-term results, with smoother-looking skin in 30 minutes and significant wrinkle reduction in four weeks. Click here to learn more.