Dr. David Silverman’s take on entrepreneurship during quarantine

In the shuffle to find a new normal during a time of quarantine, ASEA associates are finding that now is the time to do what they do best: build businesses remotely. Ambassador Triple Diamond Dr. David Silverman is no exception. While the day-to-day has changed (”We’re not around anybody,” he smiles), his basic business model has not.

“We may not be having face-to-face meetings—not in homes, not in hotels, and not at physical events—but there are so many ways to share this message outside of that,” Silverman asserts. In fact, he’s finding that people are as receptive as ever (if not more so) to the ASEA message.


“People are shut in,” Silverman says. “They have concerns. When you genuinely care how they’re doing—when you call them and ask them and then be quiet and listen—they’ll tell you. Whatever it is, it’s likely to have to do with staying healthy or having a plan B, especially right now. Then you can respond, ‘I have something that may or may not interest you. Are you open to looking at something that could help you?’

“You have a captive audience,” he continues. “Get on a Zoom call or watch a video with them, and set a time for follow-up.”


“Right now, people are open to opportunities to create some income for themselves,” Silverman observes. “Most people have no way to do that if their employer closes down. They’re looking for a plan B, and we have a compensation plan that enables them to keep working, even during a downturn*.”


Every associate, even the very newest, can share the ASEA message remotely. Silverman pointed out that no matter how you get into contact, you only need two skills: creating interest and promoting a learning event: a live or recorded Zoom presentation or a video.

“You don’t have to meet in person to get people onto the products,” he says. “They can order it, try it, and see that it works.” 

The ASEA opportunity is something anyone can take advantage of. “We don’t know what the economy is going to do, but what we do know is that can be less of a worry when you have a home-based business,” Silverman concludes. “We’re not slowing down.”

*Refer to the ASEA Income Disclosure Statement 2019

Those making these statements may have received compensation through the receipt of material goods or remuneration. Results may vary.