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The four-day trip begins in Johannesburg where you’ll experience the vibrant metropolis of South Africa. Johannesburg has much to offer its visitors – the famous Nelson Mandela Square with the spectacular statue of its Nelson Mandela himself, and the Lions and Safari Park are just two of every travel guide’s many recommendations.
The first night will be spent in the luxurious Protea Hotel Fire and Ice in the center of Johannesburg. Here, you’ll experience an outstanding stay in the luxury hotel’s exceptional atmosphere.


The next destination is the Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge – this is where Mother Nature and guests meet in perfect harmony, located on the slopes of an ancient volcano. It offers guests all the amenities of an exclusive resort within the Pilanesberg National Park.
The superb location leaves nothing to be desired – from dreamlike rooms with a fantastic view of the breathtaking landscape, to exquisite cuisine, to unforgettable safaris, we guarantee this will be a trip to remember!

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