Start Your Week with ASEA: 5 Ways to Kickstart Your Business Right Now

Starting a new ASEA business is exciting! No matter how experienced you are, what your background is, or whether or not you have a college degree, you can achieve your goals with the right tools and strategies. This list of five proven success tips, along with the help of your sponsor and upline, will help you gain the experience you need to implement a strong foundation and help others do the same.

1. Start By Building Your List of People

Identifying your prospective customers or associates and who to share the ASEA opportunity with is paramount to your success. To do this, build a list of those you know who use food supplements, think about their well-being often, have a knack for business, or are looking for additional income. 

Add to this list every day. Even if someone on the list indicates that ASEA® products are not for them, there is a chance they’ll be able to refer others who may be interested. 

2. Contact 5 People Every Day

Contacting five people every day is an excellent baseline for starting successful conversations. You can do this through social media, email, text, phone calls, or in-person discussions with neighbors and friends throughout your day. It’s as simple as checking in to see how someone is doing, inviting them to an event, or asking them how their experience with the products is going. 

3. Invite Prospects to Chat with Your Upline

Consult with your upline. Not only can your sponsor and upline provide guidance on how to use your time, but they can also serve as a blueprint for success and an inspiration for those interested in the ASEA business. You can never practice or learn too much. Mastering your approach comes through witnessing your upline interact with your prospects. You can rely on their enthusiasm to guide and assist you. Schedule a 3-way call or online video conference meeting with prospective associates. They will not only learn from the best, but they will see why you’re so passionate about your business. 

4. Announce Your Business on Social Media

Announcing your business on social media is a great way to get your prospects excited, curious, and ready to have a conversation. Tell your network why you joined ASEA and what you want to get from your own business—and do it with conviction and clarity! If your genuine drive to help others shows, those who witness it will feel its impact. 

5. Focus on Personal Product Benefits  

To effectively share the ASEA story with others, it’s essential to understand the benefits ASEA products have to offer. When you have personal product experience, you have a genuine and compelling reason to help others find their own story. 

Make sure to take a before photo of your face when using RENU28. You may experience a wide array of benefits. Many users of ASEA products notice an improvement within a few weeks, but each experience can vary. 

If you want to be a great leader, it’s important to tell your story over and over again. The more people you tell and the more people who see you benefit from the products, the more authentic your experience will become. This process will strengthen your determination and motivate those around you.