Start Your Week with ASEA: Compassion Over Compensation

This article is part of our ongoing series on Next Level Marketing, a movement to replace outmoded and inferior business tactics with their superior, modern counterparts. Today we’re taking a look at why focusing on compassion over compensation makes a big business difference. 

Starting an ASEA business begins with the intentions of your leadership legacy language. If it’s just an aspiration rather than an aspiration, it can be common to leave empathy behind in your business. At ASEA, we believe that moving from being solely compensation-focused to prioritizing compassion will have a lasting impact on the world. 

Purity of Intention

In our journey from old-world thinking to next-level marketing, it’s essential to lead with a purity of intention. Founder Tyler Norton often quotes thought-leader Keith Yamashita who says, “It’s so important to start from a pure place with equal parts aspiration and empathy.” 

“Starting your business from a pure place means that you start with the purity of your intentions through your leadership,” says Tyler, “The energy that your words and actions represent reverberate into a world that is becoming increasingly stubborn, recalcitrant, and angry, which is not a world in which we want to live. By lifting others, providing hope, awakening the divine in people to become their best selves, we espouse the idea of next-level marketing.”

Compassion Over Compensation

When you slow down and observe other people, seeing them as people and finding compassion for their situation, you’ll be able to operate your business from an entirely new level of interaction. You’ll be thinking about how products, services, and opportunities can benefit them in the best way possible, rather than becoming fixated on income. 

Leading in our industry and demonstrating what business can and should feel like contributes to making the world a better place. Next leveling marketing is about promoting hope and practicing hope. When we pivot our business to a position of hope anchored in a better future and potential, we bring people into focus—we can give them products and an opportunity that genuinely helps them.