Start your week with ASEA: Establish a growth mindset

Growth mindset is a belief that you can always expand your skills and abilities to achieve more in life. Entrepreneurs with a growth mindset are more likely than those with a fixed mindset to develop their talents through diligence, strategy, and input from others. This mindset is key to building a successful business, so how can you cultivate it?

Keep a gratitude journal

Gratitude is an important part of the growth mindset. Expressing your gratitude daily allows you to work from a place of abundance rather than scarcity and fear. Being grateful for what you have, what you’ve already achieved, and for the opportunities you have coming your way will help you maintain positive morale in establishing your business. According to UC Berkeley, grateful people tend to be more healthy, have better relationships all around, and experience less depression.

Hold yourself accountable

Be willing to accept responsibility for your business and hold yourself accountable. This will be a great value for your team, who will know they can count on you, follow your lead, and trust you with their time and talent. Being accountable also means putting in the hours and doing the work. Set aside the hours, make your daily touchpoints, and schedule your meetings every week.

Rise to meet the challenge

Continually attend events and training, and study leadership as much as you can. When you have a thirst for learning and a curiosity for innovation, your personal development is more likely to be a priority. Build a team culture where all teammates are empowered and encouraged to develop a growth mindset for themselves. Praise their hard work and efforts.

Failures and losses are not threats; they’re opportunities. Remind your team that developing courage and seeing failures as opportunities to learn will help develop our business skill set. Skills and abilities are meant to be used and improved.

You gain confidence by overcoming challenges. If you fail to put yourself in challenging situations, you stunt growth. Be open to finding a mentor and also being a mentor to someone else. Surround yourself with people you look up to, who can teach you new things and encourage you to grow personally and professionally.

Create an environment that constantly challenges you to form a growth mindset. This will lead to the habits and team mentality that make business-building happen.