Start Your Week with ASEA: Stepping into your power with Danielle Matthews

Danielle Matthews

When you surround yourself with the right environment, it makes stepping into your power that much easier. Diamond Executive Danielle Matthews presented last month with Ambassador Triple Diamond Executive Dr. David Silverman at ASEA 2022 Global Convention on the Next Level Marketing principle of building people over building checks. In that presentation, she emphasized the importance of creating an environment conducive to learning and personal growth. We are all influenced by others, usually without being conscious of it. Your actions are often determined by what you hear or read, but there are also many ways in which you can influence others by believing unrelentingly in yourself and your goals. 

Choose to surround yourself with those who support your goals

“In a garden, a seed has to be in the right environment to grow,” Danielle said. “If the conditions aren’t right, nothing happens. It just sits there dormant waiting. I truly believe that ASEA is the best environment for this seed of potential within all of us to be able to grow to our fullest potential.”

The best communities are the ones where members feel that they can fully be themselves and yet also be challenged. In a group where everyone is just like each other, it’s easy for your biases to go unchecked. The more diverse the views within your group, the more balanced and healthy your thought process will be.

Having people in your life who remind you of your worth can make all the difference when it comes to understanding your power. A good support system should include both those who help build up our confidence as well as those who help us understand how we can improve.

“I’ll never forget,” remembers Danielle, “I was attending my second convention and I was walking out of the main Convention hall. I ran into Alan Noble and he said to me, ‘Danielle, I don’t say this to many people, but you have what it takes to go all the way.’ I was very new to everything, but I swear when he told me that, it was like something within me took that to heart and it rooted within me on a deeper level.” 

Diamond is a mindset

Danielle continued, Terry Lathem has this beautiful way of keeping things short, sweet, and simple. If you listen to what he says it really packs a punch. I remember reaching out to him for advice one day. He said to me, ‘Well, Danielle, Diamond is a mindset.’” 

In order to manifest success in your life, you must first understand that only you have the power to create the life you want. Part of stepping into your power is cultivating the mindset that makes it possible for you to receive these successes in every area of your life: financial freedom, healthy relationships, and purposeful work.

Becoming a Diamond is a mindset. Always make sure that you are believing in yourself first before anything or anyone else. Understand that everything begins within, so believe in yourself now and others will soon follow!

“I don’t know if you all have heard the phrase, ‘As within, so without’. It’s a concept that life is a mirror,” Danielle taught. “If you don’t like the results you’re getting in life, you need to look in the mirror, because they are your results. It’s internal. It’s something within you. It’s your thoughts. It’s your beliefs that are going to inform the actions that you take.”.

Shine your light

“From this moment forward, you are done playing small,” Danielle concluded. “You are done being the extra in your own movie. It is time for you to be the star. I want you to understand the fullest expression of the person that you were meant to be: You are a beacon and example of what is possible, and because of your belief and because of your conviction and because of your determination and your passion, others are going to want to be around you. They will feel that if they get around this energy that you hold about yourself, they will be able to achieve their dreams too. You were put here for a reason, to be of service, to be a beacon. You are an accumulation of the lives you touch, and I want to know that I see you, believe in you, and encourage you to keep shining your light.”

With Danielle, we see your power, and we are here to help you step into it.