Sustainability Means Planning for Anything

At ASEA, our responsibility is to continue to build on an extraordinary foundation to ensure growth and stability for years to come. We pursue sustainability by instituting efficient production and distribution practices and by planning for a long-term financial future. It is our mission to continue being a global leader redox-based technologies and to carry on the worldwide distribution of ASEA’s groundbreaking products, financial opportunity, and culture.

Every Product Made With Care

Not only do we provide breakthrough technology, we ensure that everything we do is thoroughly researched and created professionally. REDOX products are made locally, in house, with supplies from the surrounding area, and packaging comes from several sources to avoid any discontinuation of production. Our distribution center and the production team makes sure every package is made with the utmost quality and care before shipping off to consumers around the world.

“We haven’t had any issues with manufacturing or the ability to get or access the key supplies for us to be able to continue to manufacture our products. Many people in the same industry have struggled with that,” said ASEA Founder Tyler Norton.

“Relying on materials from other countries complicates the supply chain,” says Terry Latham, an Ambassador Triple Diamond Executive with the company, “ASEA uses local supplies and production to sustain the company. We’re living and learning in the middle of the strategic plan.”

Preparing For The Future

ASEA recognizes the complexities and challenges of global business and we confront those challenges head-on. We are committed to solving difficult issues, even when this requires making hard decisions. Financially, we are as sound as we’ve ever been and we have our employees and associates worldwide to thank for their continual effort and hard work.

“Although nobody could have foreseen something like our current pandemic, ASEA’s executive leadership has been preparing for an event like this for years,” says Latham, “They have always done the smart thing, planning for best and preparing for any possibility.”

“If you were to take a temperature of the business on any level and the strength of the field or our ability to produce, we have multiple points of redundancy in terms of where we get our supplies, to put us in a position where we can be sustainable over time,” said Norton.

“While most people tend to focus on the present and make a buck to spend it, ASEA is making money and saving most of it,” says Lathem, “As an executive leader and especially for associates in the field, it’s very comforting to know that the leadership at corporate is always putting our needs first. It really helps me catch the vision for continuing to build this business and prepare for whatever is down the road.”

Providing the Products People Need

The products we make are nothing short of a breakthrough and speak for themselves. We pride ourselves on a company ethos that values people over profit and helps others thrive on a better life.

“Knowing how many people are struggling right now is hard,” said Norton. “For us, March was a record month in every regard. We are very favored and blessed right now to be working and to have a company doing as well as we are.”