Terry Latham: Controlling Our Own Destiny

“ASEA’s destiny is stamped. The question is, do you want to be part of it?”
–Terry Latham, ASEA Ambassador Triple Diamond Executive

At a time of global uncertainty, Terry Latham is assured that he’s right where he wants to be. “I’ve been in network marketing 20 years; full-time for 17,” he says. “It’s hard to describe the comfort of knowing my family is taken care of, no matter what’s going on. I’m not talking about the material stuff. I’m talking about the freedom of controlling our own destiny.”

That’s not an old quote from some different time. These are words spoken a full month into the current quarantine—a quarantine during which Terry achieved his lifetime rank of Ambassador Triple Diamond. “People right now are hurting; they’re scared,” Terry observes, “and yet our business and ASEA on the whole is growing.”

Here’s how he’s doing it.

Up Your Online Game

“I miss the face to face,” Terry confesses. “That social connection, shaking hands, laughing. Every time we go to an event, it’s like a family reunion. We do that virtually now, but it’s not the same.”

Still, Terry remains focused on what he wants to accomplish. He has a morning group meeting on Zoom, plus he holds two opportunity meetings each weekday the same way. Then every Saturday, he’s on a two-hour leadership call.

Urging the power of connection, Terry uses a camping comparison. “We’ve all sat around a campfire,” he points out. “Kick out one coal, it burns out. Put it back in the fire, it burns red. Especially today, you have to stay connected!”

Control the Day

A fan of the book Consistency Is the New Currency, Terry advises (you guessed it) consistency. “Control the day,” he says. “Think about what you want, and work consistently every day to get it. You want to go Diamond? OK. That looks like talking to two people a day. Complete that today, and it’s a win. Tomorrow, don’t break the chain. If you’re consistent every single day, you will eventually win.

“If you want five people on tonight’s opportunity call, and you invite five, you’ll have some no-shows. But if you invite 15, you’ll get your five to show, and you control the day.

“If you want people to follow you,” he continues, “consistently plug into where you want them to plug in. My success is coming from doing exactly what I expect my people to do.”

Remember the Big Picture

“This quarantine is a temporary setback in the way we do things,” Terry reassures. “Whatever normal looks like after this, the floodgates will open with events. We miss seeing each other! We’ll be back to giving real pats on the back. Until then, there’s no reason not to keep our businesses thriving and growing. There’s a bigger picture. We’re still part of something.”


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