VO Mastery: Listing Your Meeting on the ASEA Event Calendar

As part of the switch to the new virtual office, your ASEA Event Calendar got itself a makeover. Have you checked it out yet? The redesign includes a set of helpful new views and features, including an event creation tool that allows you to add in your own opportunity meeting for everyone to see!

We’ve created a quick introduction to help you—and your meetings—feel right at home in the ASEA Event Calendar.

Navigating to the Event Calendar

The Event Calendar has its own page in your ASEA Virtual Office (VO), which you can reach a few different ways:

1. From the Home page: When scrolling down on the home page, the EVENTS section is located between the Promotions and Announcements sections. When you’ve found that section, click VIEW ALL EVENTS to reach the ASEA Event Calendar page.

2. From the navigation bar at the top click MENU > RESOURCES >EVENT CALENDAR.

Listing Your Event

Sitting atop an assortment of tools that allow you to customize your calendar view and locate events by region, language, and date range is a golden brick with the words ADD EVENT emblazoned upon it. This is your clickable gateway to creating a listing for your own meeting.

From that click onward, your process is as simple as providing the event details and following the prompts as clearly marked. Because all information is subject to ASEA’s policies and procedures, all listings will go through our compliance department for approval. Once it’s approved, your event will show up for all associates on the lookout.

The ability to publicize your event within the VO is a great opportunity for your business! Use it to find other associates in your area, invite your downline to bring friends who don’t know about ASEA, and get the word out about your event!