What We Do Best: Running Your Business During Social Distancing

As the world changes and adjusts to “social distancing” protocols, many ASEA associates worldwide are already set up to run their businesses successfully from home. In the new, indefinite era of social distancing, the possibility to create your own schedule and live the life that works for you has never been more important and, in many ways, easier. Some associates, like Platinum Executive Sarah Aquilina of Sydney, Australia, have not only worked from home for years but have also homeschooled their children for years.

For Sarah, working from home has allowed her business to grow successfully, and it starts each day with a regimented schedule. Being prepped and ready for this opportunity is an advantage. If you set your goals, create a schedule, and use your ASEA resources, your business can thrive.

Create a Daily Business ScheduleSet your goals for what you’d like to achieve each day. By setting an hour-by-hour schedule, you will have your workday planned out and will know exactly the hallmarks you need to reach before you finish for the day. You can spend as little as 2 to 4 hours per day working on each of your metrics in the beginning and then increase your time for each category if you want to build a larger business.

  • Reach out and make 10-20 new connections, daily 
  • Create new conversations with 5 existing contacts
  • Invite the new connections you’ve made to learn about ASEA
  • Create 3-way chats and group zooms for your team members 
  • Train
  • Follow Up
  • Support
  • Repeat

“In this industry, associates can work from literally anywhere,” says Sarah. “As a homeschool mum, this works perfectly for me. Everything I do is from my laptop or mobile phone and I get to choose what hours I work. I build my business mostly via social media because I get to connect with more people that way.”

Personal Development & Self-Care 

It’s important that you schedule some time for personal development throughout your day. You can’t help others if you aren’t nourishing yourself, through study, meditation, and self-care. Maintaining your mental health is crucial for reaching your daily goals. 

  • Meditate for 20 minutes each morning to start your day out right
  • Write down your dreams and goals to review daily
  • Keep a daily gratitude journal
  • Exercise or go for a walk for 30 minutes
  • Read or listen to audiobooks
  • Use your daily ASEA products

“I feel it’s important to note that not every day will go as planned,” reminds Sarah, “and the invitation is there to go with the flow. Your schedule will change regularly depending on activities, holidays, and events. The key is to remain flexible yet consistent.” 

Adopting a Manageable Homeschool Routine

Homeschool seems intimidating for those who are not traditionally used to incorporating it into their day. A seasoned homeschooler like Sarah has spent months researching and gathering resources, sorting out lesson plans, and are experienced enough to maintain a schedule amidst their entrepreneurial workload. Working with children one-on-one helps things go faster. Thus, scheduling each child individually helps with tackling the workload. 

  • Reading and Writing: You can allow children to choose which books and what topic they want to study. This helps them stay consistent and interested in what they’re doing. 
  • Math: You can make this a fun activity by cooking or building something using numbers.
  • Do something fun together: Go on a nature walk, create arts and crafts, or build a fort indoors.
  • There are lots of free resources available online.

“A traditional schooling type of structure and schedule typically doesn’t translate well at home,” says Sarah. “Your kids don’t have to be sitting at the table by 9 am, they don’t have to focus for 45 min on one subject, and they don’t necessarily need to fill out endless worksheets to prove they are learning. Let yourself relax into this and figure out a flow that works for you and your family.”

Find a routine that suits your lifestyle and unique situation. While building your ASEA business, you can seek out other associates for their useful tips and hints or listen to our monthly upcoming ASEA Europe Breakfast or Business Update Calls. *

*Check your inbox or login to your virtual office for more details! In addition, you can watch previous calls at our ASEA Europe YouTube channel in the “ASEA Europe Breakfast Call” and “ASEA Business Update Call” playlists.