Alan Noble, Ambassador Diamond Executive

Business these days is anything but business as usual. We’re all feeling the strain of being stuck at home! ASEA Ambassador Diamond Alan Noble has advice on how to thrive in a lockdown. “It’s all about perspective,” he said, and went on to share these specific tips on how to keep focus on areas that will benefit you:

Protect your energy.

You’ve got to protect your energy, particularly when being bombarded with fear and negative news. This stuff will enter your psyche and affect your energy if you let it. Be careful how much of it you’re absorbing. Get your news, but don’t feast on it! You simply cannot thrive as an entrepreneur in that space. 

The best way to counteract the effects of negative news is with gratitude. It’s the quickest way to shift your energy back into a positive space. Where your focus goes, energy flows, and what you focus on grows and expands. 


There is nothing like exercise to get the life-force in your body going. Get out and breathe! Even if it’s just a few situps or a brisk walk. Get oxygen to your lungs and brain. 

We’re all cocooned right now, but we’re going to emerge. It’s up to you whether you emerge from your cocoon a slightly plumper caterpillar who ate all the quarantine snacks or as a beautiful butterfly. This is an opportunity for transformation. 

Challenge yourself.

If I look at your library, whether it’s Audible, podcasts, or physical books, it’s going to tell me a lot about you. What are you striving to become? Feed your mind with positive, uplifting material that’s going to build character and help you overcome challenges. 

Just like muscle only grows when it’s challenged with weight and as iron only becomes steel under immense heat, we only get better when we’re challenged. 

We actually get paid to overcome challenges! You can view this (or any) challenge as a wall or a hurdle, or you can say to yourself, “If I can overcome this, I’ll be even better, my skills stronger, my personal development advanced.” 

Develop a new skill.

We’re used to having meetings and using social connection. We build our businesses a certain way. All of that has changed for the moment, and it’s created an opportunity to develop new skills. Build your social media skills. Learn to develop telephone skills. Learn to listen over the phone, where you don’t have body signals or facial expressions to pick up on. Listen to what people mean as opposed to what they say. Learn how to ask good questions on the phone. Remember the quality of your business is based on the quality of your questions!

Take advantage of timing.

Everything that ASEA stands for has been magnified. The importance of our health has been magnified. The importance of having a plan B has been magnified. There’s huge potential in our prospect field in these two areas. 

Well-being is our greatest wealth, and people are beginning to realize that investing in their own health should be a higher priority. That audience is going to grow dramatically coming out of this.

There will always be people who are drawn to our opportunity because they want to be their own boss and live life on their own terms. And there are always those people who turn down an opportunity like ours because their plan A is going great. We often say that by the time you need a plan B, it’s too late. When we come out of this, there will be those who will remember what it was like in 2020, when their plan A wasn’t good enough. 

Network Marketing is the perfect Plan B as you can weave the business into even the busiest of schedules. It is one of the few business models where consistent part-time effort can yield exciting full-time results. 

Put your focus on the areas in which you would like to grow. Just like nutrients feed our physical bodies, we have to feed our minds with positive nutrients. Our success right now is all about protecting energy and developing ourselves in positive ways. The future is extremely bright for us.