Four reasons to attend this year’s ASEA Convention closing party

4 reasons to attend convention

Ask any long-time attendee what their favorite part of ASEA Global Convention is
and they’ll probably tell you that it’s all about the closing party. Whether you love
colorful themes, eating bite-size cuisine, or showing off your fashion game, the
closing party has something for everyone. And with long-awaited announcements
coming at this year’s event
, you’ll need an evening to celebrate it. As if you needed
any more convincing, here’s a list of reasons you don’t want to miss the party in

Honor your culture with other leaders

The quirky, committed, and compassionate community at ASEA has a style all its
own, and it brings together people from around the world. This year’s theme
“Around the world” celebrates the wonderful cultures and countries that give ASEA
its distinct signature. Join us for a cultural celebration featuring foods, dances, and
beautiful music from our global ASEA community.

Add new flavor to your footwork

Enjoy learning cultural dance basics and techniques from native dancers! You’ll learn
to perform turns and follow techniques, all in a safe and fun setting for you and your
team. Shine on the dance floor with easy-to-learn dances on a night you’ll never

Celebrate your potential

With your head full of new plans and big ideas, the last night of Convention is a time
to celebrate what comes next! So dress up, hang out with supportive teammates,
celebrate your wins, and spark new connections. Share your goals with other ASEA
associates and see how you can help each other achieve more. These in-person
events are invaluable. You simply cannot miss out on a night full of possibility,
celebration, and potential.

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