5 Reasons why going to Convention is a game changer

Big decisions are made at events and going to Convention is a truly unforgettable experience. Ready for your life-changing moment? Meet us in Las Vegas. We’ll be there 21 – 23 April for the ASEA 2022 Global Convention. Our focus throughout the event will be on our brand pillar of “We Are Innovation,” and here are the top 10 reasons you don’t want to miss it!

1. Enjoy exclusive access to a new product launch when going to convention

Find out what We Are Innovation truly means when you see firsthand the launch of the all-new ASEA Cell Performance line and the newly formulated RENUAdvanced Skin Care line. Only in-person attendees can purchase the new products at launch. Otherwise, ordering and shipping will be announced regionally after the event.

2.  Discover your belonging

Come to a place where everyone is striving for the same thing you are. It’s energizing to belong to a welcoming community and to build and strengthen connections.

3.  Experience innovation

We want you to have the support you need to innovate your business! This event is geared at giving you new tools and the support you need to stay motivated in your daily activities.

4.  Learn from the leaders

ASEA field leaders, medical professionals, and executive team members will train and inspire you, as well as infuse your experience with information and all things Next Level.

5.  Build your network

Nowhere else can you sit down next to someone new and listen to their ASEA story while preparing for the training session to begin. Meet new friends and old ones at the ASEA Brand Experience Center. Deepen your belief in two things you already know are great: life-changing ASEA products and the ethos-centered ASEA culture. And you’ll leave Convention with even more connections and more stories to tell.  

Registration is open now, and more than half the in-person tickets are sold. Get yours for $299, or you can join general sessions virtually for only $49 (was $69). In-person attendees can take advantage of travel discounts on United and Delta.

Register now!