What is it we do at ASEA? We power potential.

We power potential.

We believe within each of us lies the potential to live a more abundant life. Inside us exists the potential to feel our very best. Over the past several months, we have reflected on our ethos, our identity, and our purpose. We’re grateful to have emerged with a deeper understanding of what we’ve created with our associates.

“Our approach to humanity will be just as important as our approach to cellular health,” says Founder Tyler Norton, “This is a promise. This is a commitment to the experience. It is a brand promise that is representative of every interaction anyone has with ASEA. A promise is something that you make, and a promise is something that you keep.”

At ASEA we’re excited to have the words to express what we offer! The way we talk about our business and the look and feel of our brand is changing to reflect our progression:

Messaging that reflects our values

Our brand promise: We power potential.

How to apply messaging to your business

New messaging will help you convey a life of energy, success, and significance through ASEA. You can use branding to communicate a sense of confidence and authority in your ASEA business on social media, over email, and through interactions with customers and prospective team members.

We’re working hard to revamp our foundational branding and messaging with the rollout of our new brand promise: We power potential. This brand promise not only captures the power of our products—it embodies our human potential. Redox is the energy that powers all life. It’s also scientifically measured by potential. And each of us has untapped potential that’s just waiting to be activated. We can support that effort through our connected ASEA community.

“You have something to give back to this world that will define you if you reach into your potential,” says Tyler, “This is how I see all of you. Do you understand your potential? Do you know who you are? I want to be a part of something that inspires minds and opens hearts. We need to maximize our potential as a company.”

We power the potential of your cells, your body, and your life.