5 reasons to attend the science session at 2022 ASEA® Global Convention

5 reasons to attend the science session at Convention 2022

Technology has connected ASEA leaders and associates around the world, and, this year when you attend the science session you’ll be connected to experts. Research shows there is no substitute for attending an educational session live and in person. On Wednesday, 20 April 2022, leading into ASEA® 2022 Global Convention, you have the opportunity to surround yourself with leaders and learners for a live session on the science behind redox. Here are some reasons you should attend:

Retain and recall complex information when you attend the science session

According to Forbes, more than eight in ten professionals prefer in-person meetings to virtual ones because it creates a space for better discussions and fosters complex strategic thinking. Face-to-face interactions and conversations allow for a cross-fertilization of ideas that spark new ways of thinking. Research even shows that people retain more knowledge when they learn about something in person.

Keep up with the latest knowledge

The internet may put a lot of information at our fingertips, but it’s a challenging mix of new, old, and sometimes false information. Hearing the latest information from professionals will help curate new ideas to help you improve your approach. Attending the science session is a great way to rethink your business strategy in a bold, immersive way that can accelerate your engagement with prospects.

Become convicted about the science

Inspiration is the springboard for creativity, but in every line of work, no matter how exciting, things can become stagnant. When you understand and can recall the science you will be convicted about how it benefits others. When you speak from what you know with authentic conviction your words will have a greater impact. The only way to do that is to learn, comprehend, and understand science accurately. Promote inspiration by exposing yourself to new ways of seeing science. When you attend a session that you would not usually attend, your brain is more likely to have those ah-ha moments.

Do as leaders do

You’ve got a limited amount of time at Convention. And while there are lots of ways to plan your hours, a good rule of thumb is to go where the leaders (or the crowd) go. You won’t just be learning when you attend the science session; you’ll be connecting with the best people and practices ASEA can offer. Tips and tricks from other professionals can go a long way when your typical routine isn’t going well. You never know who you’ll sit next to, take a selfie with, or share a business idea with! Making a connection can lead to growth in so many ways.

Where there’s exclusivity, there’s opportunity

This session is one that only those who come early and in person will be able to experience. Your Convention registration gives you access to recordings from nearly every other session, but the nature of the science session’s content and timing make it something we can’t share in the same way. If you’re in a position to attend, you’re in a position to give yourself an advantage not everyone has.

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