New Year Kickoff announcements you don’t want to miss

Our Next Level strategy for 2022 is all about helping you grow your business—and doing it in a better way. The ASEA New Year Kickoff livestream shared several important updates designed to do just that. Check out our summary to see what’s available for you to get started on in the coming weeks:

2022 ASEA Convention updates

Our Global Convention has been the largest gathering of ASEA associates worldwide for the past decade. Our 2022 ASEA Convention will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on 21 – 23 April. The theme for this year is “We are Innovation.” Whether through our redox products, technology, and the way we do business, we are always focused on innovation at ASEA. The event includes a line-up of captivating speakers, a wealth of in-depth product-related content, and professional business development opportunities. You won’t want to miss getting your team to this exclusive global event to see what innovative products and tools are launching. Tickets are limited so make sure to get yours as soon as possible.

A big part of the convention experience is the ASEA store—and this year it opened early! Check out to order limited pre-Convention merchandise available until 12 February. You can choose to pick up your merch at Convention or have it delivered to your home in late April.

ASEA on Tour

To keep the momentum going between now and convention, we’re coming to a city near you! You’ll get a chance to meet with our ASEA Corporate Executive team for exclusive training and updates at an ASEA on Tour event. From mid-February through March we will be coming to several cities to connect with associates in each of our regions. You’ll get a sneak peak at our newest initiatives and resources. We also have something special planned exclusively for attendees.

Want to join an event? Look up the closest one near you in the Virtual Office calendar.

The new ASEA brand

After months of preparation, hard work, and collaboration with the best experts in the business, we’ve updated our brand to reflect who we’ve become as a company. At ASEA, we believe that within each of us is the potential to live a more abundant life. One where we can be our best, surrounded by a community of supportive people, empowered with both the resources and the feeling of belonging that we need to fulfill our personal vision of success.

In short, we power potential. We are an untapped resource of sharable energy that every person deserves to have access to and experience in their lives.

For people who have always wanted to do and become more, our company provides them with a life of energy, success, and significance. We want to journey together toward our greatest potential.

Our new visual experience is one of boldness, simplicity, and sophistication, evoking an optimistic design system to represent our life-changing products and principles-led organization.

Our new brand colors provide brand recognition and differentiation, to convey energy, optimism, and confidence.

Our new social media strategy

We’ve updated our social channels. Now it’s easier for you to find the right resources, connect, share,  and find answers to your questions. 

We’re launching a new ASEA associates Facebook group to give you a one-stop shop for all things that help you manage your business. Follow our new group to connect with other associate and find the latest updates on everything from Convention, recognition, business announcements, promotions, and more. And if you’re not already, be sure to follow our ASEA Europe Facebook and Instagram pages.

Associate onboarding

The first few days after an associate signs up to start their ASEA business are the most important of their journey. Later this month, you’ll start seeing new videos to walk your newest team members through their first activities. From a company introduction to valuable resources, such as the Virtual Office and Smart Wallet, to how to earn money with the compensation plan, your new team members can pick their pace to  grow with new Learn courses in the ASEA Connect app. 

The series also includes education on our newly updated ASEA Build Method. This is rolling out in the US in English this month and will be expanding to other markets and languages over the next few months.

ASEA™  Technology resources

ASEA Connect app
We are expanding the use of push notifications on our ASEA Connect app beginning this month. Now when you have a team member who has enrolled a new associate, advanced rank,  or celebrated a birthday or anniversary, you’ll get an alert right from the app so you can reach out to congratulate them.

Associate enrollment flow
We also continue to make progress on our new enrollment flow and will be starting beta testing with a small group of leaders this month. This will allow us to test actual enrollments on the new system in preparation for rolling this out to our global field at Convention.

Updated websites and replicated sites
We are continually looking for ways to improve, whether it’s through our operations, our products, our technology, or our business. We look forward to seeing all that you achieve in the coming weeks and appreciate everything you do. Together, we power potential.

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