5 Tips for Better Winter Skin

It might be the most wonderful time of the year, but not for your skin! Cold weather can wreak havoc on even the healthiest skin. Before you head out into the snow, here are five tips you need to know for better winter skin:

  1. Layer up! We wear layers during winter to protect us from the cold. This concept applies to more than clothes; it applies to moisturizer, too. Don’t be afraid to layer your skin care! An extra layer of Ultra Replenishing Moisturizer or RENU 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel can help protect your skin from harsh winter elements.
  2. Cool it on the steam! Hot showers feel good—especially in cold weather—but keep them short! Heat can cause redness and swelling of the skin. Repeated swelling makes wrinkles appear faster!
  3. Enjoy winter sports? Don’t forget to cover and protect your skin. Your skin can freeze in 30 minutes if the temperature is zero and wind speed is 25 km/h. That’s about the same time and temperature as the average ski or snowboard run!
  4. Stay hydrated. In hot, summer months it’s easy to remember to hydrate. During winter, people often reach for hot beverages and forget to drink plenty of pure water. The cold and wind dehydrate skin faster than warm weather. For perfect hydration, get at least 8 glasses of water. And DON’T FORGET YOUR DAILY DOSE OF ASEA!
  5. Don’t forget your hands! Winter can be harsh, and gloves are not enough. As you do your RENU Advanced regimen morning and night, use any extra (already dispensed) Gel, Serum or Moisturizer on the back of your hands.

Taking care of your skin during winter will mean a year-round, youthful look! Plus, when you use RENU Advanced, you can help turn back the clock even more by revitalizing your skin on the cellular level. Click here for more information.

By Ann Billings, Master Esthetician/ASEA Global Marketing Director