Actress and Brand Ambassador Doreen Dietel Met Renu 28 at Munich International Film Festival

Doreen_Dietel“Due to my job as an actress, my skin is sometimes a bit stressed, with all the makeup I have to wear when filming. Thus, taking good care of my skin is very important for me. I choose my skin treatment products carefully, and pay special attention to the ingredients.

I first got to know RENU 28 at last year’s Audi Director’s Cut, as it was in the event’s goodie bags. Of course, I was curious but also a bit skeptical. At that time, I had just given birth and had the feeling my skin was particularly dry after the pregnancy and during the period I was breast-feeding. So, I tried out RENU 28 and was really surprised how moisturized my skin was, I could hardly believe it. All those little wrinkles everyone knows, have disappeared, and my skin has a fresh glow. I can really recommend RENU 28 to everyone with stressed or dry skin – female or male, who feels that his skin needs special treatment. It is the perfect addition to your personal every day beauty routine.”

“I was very happy to be back at the Audi Director’s Cut this year, besides networking and meeting lots of friends from the movie biz, as a RENU 28 brand ambassador. I really liked the idea of the photobooth and people were having lots of fun taking their memory pics – just as I did with the ASEA team.

It aroused so much attention that I even did a TV interview at the stand together with Jörg Höche, ASEA General Manager Western Europe. I really hope a lot of my colleagues discover the outstanding benefits of RENU 28, as especially for us actors, our face and skin are our main asset!”