ASEA Aims High Again in 2019

Successful Start at the Largest European ASEA Event 

Once again, the new year started for ASEA as desired. At the ASEA 2019 European Conference & Envision in Barcelona, the company celebrated its recent successes and primed its associates for another year full of highlights. This year’s motto, Momentum, Growth & Execution, highlights the focus of both the growing company and its associates for the coming year.

Countless participants preregistered for this year’s event to hear from the ASEA top management about the plans for the year 2019.

Kicking off the event was once again the legendary ASEA Ethos Academy with Founder Tyler Norton, an absolute must for every member of the worldwide ASEA family! The Ethos Academy is all about the ASEA core values. Norton pointed out ways to implement these ethics daily for a successful business.

He also taught his audience how to develop a fundamental willingness to challenge yourself to expand your abilities and successes. Norton certainly knows what he’s talking about—he’s a very successful businessman who cofounded ASEA in 2010 with his father, Verdis Norton, who retired from active business in 2015. It’s no coincidence that ASEA was recently named one of the best companies to work for in Utah, a company which equally challenges and promotes its employees to grow. Of course, the same principle applies to the ASEA associates as well. “We offer our consultants a high degree of support so that they can achieve their individual goals”, says Jörg Höche, Regional Vice President of the Western Europe market for ASEA.

The Growth Continues

ASEA sets its own goals high, as Höche made clear in his presentation. The breakthrough of ASEA on the European market announced in the previous year was successfully implemented. New international markets, new products, and growth figures far above the industry average turned 2018 into an absolute milestone for ASEA. But it doesn’t stop here—the company has set its sights even higher for 2019. Höche explained, “We are not the kind of company that rests on its laurels. Our last year’s success motivates us to go even higher.” This is why the European sales team was expanded to manage the ever-growing workload.

Another 2018 highlight for the European ASEA associates was the very successful This Is Africa promotion featuring an amazing trip to South Africa as top prize. The promotion was met with great response, resulting in many more qualifications than expected. This amazing success showed once again that ASEA offers everyone a real chance to succeed. A fact also made obvious by the many new, emerging European leaders honored for their breakthrough on stage at the Barcelona event. Some of these ASEA associates also took the stage to share their personal tips and success strategies with the audience.

Big plans for the future

ASEA has ambitious plans for the coming year. Momentum, Growth & Execution is the new motto.

The new food supplement line, ASEA VIA, the latest addition to the ASEA product portfolio, offers just one of many opportunities along with the skin and face care series RENU Advanced, and of course the drink ASEA.

On top of it all, European ASEA associates will be inspired by this year’s amazing trip. After the success of This Is Africa, a new incentive for 2019 has already been announced. It sounds like another exciting year for ASEA!

Network Karriere article – March 2019