ASEA announces new medical professionals board member

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, October 26, 2021/ PRNewswire/ – ASEA, a global leader in redox technology, announced today the appointment of Dr. Philippe A. Souvestre to its Medical Professionals Board.

Dr. Souvestre, MD, CES, CEA/PhD (France), RRP, RAc (Canada), ND, DMO (USA) will join 19 existing board members in providing cutting-edge, internationally peer-recognized neuro-biomedical expertise and leadership in the health, wellness, and performance fields.

Members of the ASEA Medical Professionals Board provide advice, guidance, and their professional voice to the company and aid in furthering the mission of ASEA based on their medical background and experience. Board members are leaders in the field of medicine, health, and wellness and provide ongoing cutting-edge counsel to update and enhance the effectiveness of ASEA wellness products.

“We are inspired by Dr. Souvestre and are pleased to welcome him to the ASEA Medical Professionals Board as the 20th expert,” said ASEA Founder Tyler Norton. “We appreciate Dr. Souvestre’s focus on advancing medical effectiveness through both conventional and innovative life sciences.”

Dr. Souvestre earned his MD and CEA/PhD in Cognitive and Behavioral Neurosciences from both Faculties of Medicine and Sciences at Aix-Marseille Universities, France, along with numerous post-doctorate specialties and innovative competencies.

For nearly four decades, Dr. Souvestre’s medical, scientific, research, and academic careers have focused on advancing medical effectiveness through using, furthering, combining, and teaching both conventional and innovative life sciences at various Western and Eastern universities worldwide.

Since 1997, Dr. Souvestre has served as the founding president and medical director of Vancouver, Canada-based NeuroKinetics Health Services, Inc., a world-class biomedical company renowned for its pioneering revolutionary accomplishments in using drugless, noninvasive modalities to resolve severe trauma impact towards enabling significant steadfast recovery in long-lasting, chronically incapacitating, intractable trauma-induced conditions regardless of age and comorbidity.

Dr. Souvestre is a former flight surgeon, pilot-physician, and in-flight experimenter for the French Air Force. A former French astronaut candidate, he is currently an operational Mars Analog Astronaut. He was the initiator and 10-year first Director of the Performance Maximization Program for the French Skydiving Federation and related national teams. He is also a distinguished Fellow of the International Aerospace Medical Association passionately serving as part of the leadership of the worldwide aerospace medical and operational community.

Dr. Souvestre is a requested guest and keynote speaker worldwide. So far, he has authored more than 130 publications in international leading peer-reviewed scientific engineering and medical journals and specialty books chapters.

Dr. Souvestre’s experience and discovery of ASEA’s redox technology profoundly confirmed his own biomedical insights, recognizing redox signaling molecules as one of the key missing links in terms of “tissue function recovery pattern” he has been seeking throughout his career. Besides furthering his own groundbreaking expertise legacy, he is now actively dedicated to furthering ASEA Corporate’s vision, mission, and journey.

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