ASEA Celebrates Five Year Anniversary in Europe and Continues Positive Development

By Jörg Höche, ASEA Vice President of Western Europe

Dear ASEA Associates,

We’re off to a successful start to a very special year – ASEA is commemorating five years in Europe and has every reason to celebrate!

Since opening our European headquarters in Munich, ASEA has opened a total of 21 markets in Europe – and we’re just about to open new global markets!

Last year’s introduction of our anti-aging skin care system, RENU Advanced was a big hit and has secured the success of the European ASEA markets. As a result, we’ve been able to celebrate some very successful new leaders. We’re very proud that more and more leaders have been emerging since the beginning of the year. We want to continue to develop this trend with our European leaders and show interested associates the opportunity ASEA offers with successful business building.

ASEA is shining the spotlight on Europe because of Europe’s great success, and we want to continue to build on this momentum with you in the future. Edouard Gug has strengthened our European Sales Team as an additional competent member, and he’s committed to supporting you in building your business starting immediately.

Our U.S. headquarters in Salt Lake City are equipped for success. In September 2016, the company broke ground for a new building. The production center was recently modernized and the warehousing space was expanded by 800 square meters (8,611 square feet) to provide capacity for the upcoming opening of new markets and the associated increase in product orders. We’ve also invested in a new, larger office in Munich in order to establish a stronger foundation for expansion in Europe.

And that’s not all! I can look back on my first year with ASEA as an eventful time filled with highlights:

In addition to fantastic ASEA Europe Events with internationally renowned speakers like environmental activist Braam Malherbe, we’ve been able to position RENU 28 and RENU Advanced at some very highly regarded society events. The products were popular with guests at the Felix Burda Award – the health prize best covered by the media in Germany, the Film Festival in Munich, as well as the traditional Weißwurstparty on the evening prior to the Hahnenkamm Race in Kitzbühel which is attended by many celebrities and opinion makers.

The community of ASEA fans continues to grow steadily, and I’m looking forward to a promising year with you in celebration of our anniversary!