Building the Future of ASEA

By Jarom Webb, ASEA President

In September, we announced we were breaking ground on a new corporate office for ASEA, and as I’ve reflected on that announcement, I’ve realized its significance as a signal of our confidence in the future of this company, where we are headed, and the new phase of growth for ASEA.

Together, we have broken new ground across the world in 2016. Each new enrollment, each daily drink of ASEA, each rank advancement has started something new. You have reached new heights, you have hit goals, realized dreams, and we’ve celebrated together. We are in build mode. We are moving forward and upward. As the new year comes, I encourage each of you to look at your business and ask yourself “Am I in build mode?” I know so many of you can answer, “Yes!”

For us as a company, the proof of our building is easy to find:

  • We launched a new skin care system—the only redox skin care system in the world!
  • We introduced an international platform called ASEA Global Reach, allowing us to partner with you in our efforts to strategically open new markets and expand globally.
  • We enhanced our compensation plan for the first time by announcing exciting and lucrative enrollment packs. This key enhancement accelerates the rewards for those who are in build mode.
  • We rolled out our first loyalty rewards program to award loyal associates and customers alike. This program enhances autoship with free product and, more importantly, strengthens our excellent retention.
  • With everything we’ve done, we are closing out the highest sales in the company’s history.

At our convention this year, we planted our flag in the ground—who we are, what our mission is, what our vision is, and what our core values are: humanity, authenticity, sustainability, performance, growth, resolve, and collaboration. These values, when combined with our mission to better people’s lives and be a force for good in the world, propel us toward accomplishing our grand vision of being a recognized leader in global and cellular health and achieving a worldwide distribution of our life-changing products, financial opportunity, and culture. That is our vision. That is our identity. That is what we stand for.

I continue to feel an overwhelming sense of purpose in what we are doing as a company. That purpose guides every decision we make. That purpose is real, it lives within each one of us, and I believe we are making a difference in the lives of so many people. That purpose is what drives us. That is the common thread that binds us together.

ASEA and what it represents is a gift, and I encourage us to remember that as we move forward into 2017.