Trish Schwenkler, Presidential Diamond Executive

The live breakout sessions at ASEA Webvention 2020 culminated with hands-on advice from ASEA’s top earner, Trish Schwenkler. Trish has been with the company since the beginning and has built a large international organization. And if you’ve ever wondered how and why, this session is where she told all about it.


“My parents had eight children, and they were always concerned about ‘not enough money,’” she shared. “I love my parents, but I did not want my life to be like theirs.”

So when Trish heard ASEA Founder Verdis Norton describe something he called “financial dignity,” she decided to do whatever it took to build a legacy business with ASEA.

She had her “why,” now for the “how.” This is where Trish got into the nitty-gritty of exactly how to build a thriving ASEA business. 


You’ll often hear leaders talk about building both wide and deep in an organization for ultimate stability. Going wide means sponsoring as many people as you can, and going deep means learning to work through people who will connect you to new people. 

“Most people will be connectors,” Trish explained. “They treat their ASEA business like a hobby. Your job is to immediately start working with the people you sponsor to help them share ASEA with the people they know.”

Trish went on to teach how to stabilize enrollment legs and shared how continuing to work with everyone as though you personally enrolled them can pay off down the road.


Trish has never been one to rest on her laurels. She works every day on building wide and building deep. 

“To be successful, you must access the three powers of the universe,” she advised. “The first power of the universe is consistency. The second power of the universe is consistency, and the third power of the universe? You guessed it! Consistency!”

She also pointed out that this consistency is especially important when beginning to build a business. “It takes four years to get a college degree and five years for most small businesses to make it,” she taught. “Do things that others aren’t willing to do so you can live like others can’t!”

You can access Trish’s full presentation through 31 October 2020, as long as you’re registered for ASEA 2020 Webvention.


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