Business Builder of the Year 2020: Dr. David and Wendy Silverman, Ambassador Triple Diamond Executives

Dr. David Silverman approached center stage. He had just been named the ASEA Business Builder of the Year for 2020 in front of a worldwide video audience. As he stepped toward the Webvention cameras to receive his award, a new live stream opened over his shoulder, and his wife, Wendy, joined him via Zoom from across the country to be the first to congratulate him and to thank those in their organization.

“Everyone on our team has worked together tirelessly to get here today,” she said. “Without this entire team, the wheels do not turn.”

Wendy then turned her attention to her husband. “David has always been 100% dedicated to and focused on seeing our team succeed. Our journey with ASEA has brought our family financial stability as well as the freedom of time—time for the two of us to spend with each other, and time to spend with our family. ASEA is family to us; they have been there for us from day one.”

Dr. Silverman then took the floor and substantiated what Wendy had said, expressing gratitude to others, beginning with ASEA Founders Tyler and Verdis Norton for what he called a gift to humanity. He also thanked his sponsor, Ambassador Diamond Debbie Wetzler, and he thanked his organization.

“This award is just the efforts of the good people in our downline,” he said. “Thank you all for saying yes, for sharing this, for going through the ups and downs that we all go through.”

After thanking his family (while digging their photos out of his jacket pocket), Dr. Silverman looked earnestly into the camera to address his worldwide audience.

“If you want success in this business, here’s just some humble advice from me: Know that you can do this. You can do this.”

He followed that reassurance with the advice to be completely committed. “You have to know what you want so badly that it makes you cry,” he said, reminding viewers that building takes time and teamwork.

Above all, Dr. Silverman expressed that receiving the award was an incredible honor. “To be selected for this out of all the worthy people in the business, with so many great leaders in this company and more ascending every day, is humbling,” he said.

Dr. Silverman earned the Business Builder of the Year award after being one of ASEA’s esteemed Diamond leaders for the past seven years. He broke into the Ambassador ranks in December 2017 and has advanced every year since then, achieving Ambassador Triple Diamond in late 2019. The award was announced in front of more than 4,500 viewers during the final session of Webvention.

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