Start Your Week with ASEA: Convention pro tips to help your business boom

help your business boom

When you attend a big ASEA event, everything around you is there to help your business. The people around you, including the big presenter names you commonly hear around ASEA, are there for you and your business. The tips and ideas they’ve gathered while traveling and training around the world? They can now be yours. We’re serious when we say everything we put into Convention is there for you, so read on about how attending ASEA® 2022 Global Convention helps your business.

Specific sessions tailored to you

Convention is made up of scheduled events, and you should plan on attending the most important ones to you and your business. Attending specific sessions that can help you understand new ways of approaching your daily work ethic, team strategies, and prospect interactions will help you get step-by-step guides on doing your business the right way. These workshops are vital because they foster discussions with actual evidence, statistics, and data that help you gain insight and assistance in ways you might never have seen otherwise.

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Learn new app techniques

Technology is one of the ways ASEA is delivering on our Next Level strategy at Convention. We are expanding the use of push notifications on our ASEA Connect app. When you attend Convention, we will have a team of experts to walk you through these new features and updates to the ASEA Connect app. Sit down one-on-one at the ASEA Connect booth in the Store to understand how you can leverage these assets to make your ASEA business even more user-friendly and accessible to more prospects. 

We’ve created a more streamlined associate onboarding experience. You can learn how to use the ASEA Connect app to help your new associates feel comfortable going full-speed into their business. 

Feel and share the excitement with social media

Social media is a great way to build connections online, and we’re making it even easier to find the right resources. We’ve updated our social channels to help you find the right resources and connect with us so we can answer any questions. Our social media experts will also be on hand at the Store to give tips on managing your business, connect you to Facebook groups in your area, and make sure you know how to get the latest updates on recognition, business announcements, and promotions. 

Stop by the social media booth to learn how you can leverage your online presence and help your business get as much exposure as possible. 

Visit the new product and skin care booths

Nothing helps you sell more products than when you experience them for yourself and understand exactly how they work. Visit the Cell Performance booth to learn about our exciting new ASEA products. Or visit the skin care booth to see the latest updates on our RENUAdvanced™ Skin Care line. We will have a team of staff there to help you experience, sample, and learn everything you need to know about these products so that you can help others look and feel their best. 

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