The DOT Challenge at the 3/4 Milestone

Malherbe-Robinson Row Out of Their Minds
As Braam Malherbe and Wayne Robertson approach their combined 1.7 millionth pull at the oars and reach the ¾ mark of their voyage to Rio, their ragged physical appearance begins to pale in comparison to the psychological wear they’ve put on their minds. At least that’s the perception as reports from the Atlantic turn to themes like emotional meltdowns and insanity:

Excerpt from Braam’s Big Blue Blog on Day 42 via Facebook:
To be honest, I was a touch teary from the extreme exhaustion of adrenalin depletion, physical wear and tear, and weeks of accumulative sleep deprivation. ‘Emotional meltdown,’ to put it mildly. It’s as if all of the many incidents and near-death events of the past weeks hit me.” 

Excerpt from Braam’s Big Blue Blog on Day 48 via Facebook:
“Imagine yourself, if you will, being over 2,800km (1,700 miles) from any land, on a very tiny 2.8m rowing boat, in big seas, rowing 1.5hrs on and 1.5hrs off 24/7. Now, see yourself rowing in pitch darkness because of cloud and rain in a desert of water, having seen less than a dozen fish in over 5,200km (3,200 miles)! Your body is sore, your hands with open blisters and your mind wafting between real and unreal. Insane? Perhaps.”

If that all sounds a little extreme, just remember, that’s the point. Given the scope of Braam’s undertaking and the scale at which Doing One Thing (DOT) will hit critical mass, there’s a reason Mr. Malherbe considers what he does “Extreme Conservation.” But before you get too concerned for the wellbeing of Braam and Wayne’s brains, remember this isn’t their first rodeo—and their resilience is still intact.

Listen to an exclusive satellite interview with Braam and Wayne from Kingfisher FM. Click here or the photo below.

Excerpt from “Mind Over Water“ via DOT – Do 1 Thing on Facebook:
“What of the internal journey? Braam’s journey is of course a parallel journey to cleanse the planet but also to de-clutter the mind, in a positive sense. . . . Braam’s passion and concern for our small earth and all its precious creatures is powerful and all-consuming. . . . So far, [Braam and Wayne have] shown themselves to be doggedly fearless, courageous, and absolutely resolute—and with this attitude, they can only succeed.”

You don’t have to be an extreme conservationist like Braam to make a difference. Small changes in your daily behavior can have large and lasting effects on our shared environmental resources. Download the DOT – Do 1 Thing app [Apple] [Android] to start now!